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October 30, 2005

MREs at the mall

(Picture from the Times-Picayune, of Adlers' display window at
Lakeside mall in Metairie)

You know, us New Orleans people, we still talk about food all
the time, even if it's MREs. Everyone seems to have a box or
two of them lying around for lunch while gutting houses or

I went to the mall yesterday! It was its usual madhouse self,
even without a lot of stores. Lately we've all been searching
for whatever 'normal' we can find in these parts. I had sushi
and coffee Uptown last night, perfectly normal until two army
boys with m16s slung over their shoulders walk into Rue. The
military presence in the city these days is like something out
of a war movie. It's highly surreal. The city has people in
it now though, in contrast to the first time I went in at the
end of September. Halloween is tomorrow and I'm still wondering
where that month went.

music: Bucketheads: The bomb

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October 27, 2005

do you know what it means...

Every time I go into the city it looks better. I've
found that I have some sort of street cred for being
stupid enough to not go very far away. I need a house,
or failing that, an apartment with a patch of grass
nearby so I don't have to take susie out down the street
on a leash three times a day.

I'm free of work in about two weeks, so now I'm looking
at finding a real job or possibly freelance stuff. The
1099 bastards always have their eyes on me, I guess.
Anyone who needs my sort of work, let me know. I would
rather stay here.

music: Daft Punk: Something about us

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October 23, 2005


So, despite what you might think of the seafood quality
in the gulf as of late, it's been testing pretty well.
(Well, I don't think I'd eat oysters, but still.)

Yesterday I wandered into the city to see people and run
errands, and my parents went down da bayou to visit my
mother's parents, boil crabs, and play golf in the swamp.

Mom brought home the rest of the crabs, and some fresh
shrimp (birthday present from her mother, heh). I ate
a couple of them and the rest she peeled and made into
corn-crab bisque, and it was awesome. Also - potato
salad made from the potatoes in with the crabs is tasty.

music: Daft Punk: Digital Love

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October 20, 2005

pardon the mess

Got onto real hosting! Props to good friends with bandwidth.

Working out the mess. I will have to remember sendmail to get
all my mail back in a nice place. (DIE gmail. must have MH.)
At least it's modern sendmail so that's simple.

I've been back since Friday the 14th in the afternoon, and
already been back at the green room too much. We have names
for the regulars. "Hey look, Drunk Girl is dancing on the pole
again, check out her boyfriend trying to drag her away."

music: Dirty Vegas: Days go by

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October 12, 2005

malls and pistols

So Friday afternoon I went to the Mall of America.
Huge is an obvious understatement. Legoland in there
is really cool, and I now want the lego Deathstar II
and a lego Ferrari Enzo. I did pretty well then, and
went back Monday night to pick up another pair of jeans
and grabbed a little shrug sweater too. Total damage
from the mall: $225. I figure this will get the I need
clothes fever out of me until the malls open up at home
and all that. (I'm on clothes re-buying round N, having
to throw out all my pants and buy smaller ones again, so
I have been lacking.)

Last night I went out to go kill more paper targets, and
rented a few 9mm compact pistols to start figuring out a
carry weapon. HK USP Compact was very nice, it fit just
about perfectly, the Sig 239 was a little too short and
did not balance just right - I should try a Sig 228 or
something along those lines to see if I like those or not.
Also tried a Glock 19 to round out the three, and it was
just pale in comparison to the little HK. Figures I have
to like the most expensive gun.

Guns and shopping. All I need is fast cars and I'm set.
Shame the weather out here is so dismal. I'm heading back
to disaster land soon to try to find a place to live.

music: Muse: Time is running out

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October 10, 2005

downtown pictures and stuff

I put the huge uncut piles of pictures onto CSH, because I
so don't have enough bandwidth in these parts to support
170 images. Last night I uploaded the downtown set as well.

katrina st. tammany and jefferson parish

katrina orleans parish september 28

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October 09, 2005

killing pieces of paper

So an old friend of mine finally made good on a promise to
take me out and teach me how to shoot. We went shooting this
morning, rented a S&W 22A for me, and I ran through a couple
boxes of tiny bullets, and I got a few magazines through on
his Beretta M9, because I wanted to see if I could handle a
9mm, and managed to actually shoot the Colt .45 on my first
day out shooting. (Got through like four magazines on it,
too.) Did much better target-wise than I expected to, my
groups on the 22 at the end were not bad, they got better
after I had been shooting the heavy guns.

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October 06, 2005

the fridge picture

This is what storm surge does to a refrigerator. Note hurricane
tracking map on the side. It took three people to un-wedge this.

And this is what sludge looks like. This is why half the city
is wandering around in shrimp boots.

These are from Eden Isles - this house has been gutted already,
there's no walls or flooring anymore. Hopefully the house won't
have to be totally rebuilt, insurance hasn't decided. Several
of the houses in that neighborhood have already been totaled.

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October 05, 2005

slow-driving cops?

So, the dog and I are in the midwest, and I find this place
to be pretty strange. The cops were driving slow on the
highways in the left lane on 90 and all that mess. Weird.

It's cold here, in stark contrast to the mid-90s humid as
hell that I had last week.

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October 01, 2005

noriko's shoes

My Aunt Noriko is a tiny, adorable japanese woman in her early
70s (she is going to kill me if she finds out I said that, too),
she's about 4'10 and 80 pounds or so. She is a high heel fiend,
and used to love platforms whenever they were in style, always
wanted to be taller. That little pretty wedge shoe can't be
more than a few months old, and now it's sitting on the back
porch in a pile of rubble, ruined. A lot of her shoes got ruined,
my cousin was trying to clean some of them out when she came to
help clean up her parents' house, I don't know how they made out.

music: Irene Cara: Fame

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