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October 12, 2005

malls and pistols

So Friday afternoon I went to the Mall of America.
Huge is an obvious understatement. Legoland in there
is really cool, and I now want the lego Deathstar II
and a lego Ferrari Enzo. I did pretty well then, and
went back Monday night to pick up another pair of jeans
and grabbed a little shrug sweater too. Total damage
from the mall: $225. I figure this will get the I need
clothes fever out of me until the malls open up at home
and all that. (I'm on clothes re-buying round N, having
to throw out all my pants and buy smaller ones again, so
I have been lacking.)

Last night I went out to go kill more paper targets, and
rented a few 9mm compact pistols to start figuring out a
carry weapon. HK USP Compact was very nice, it fit just
about perfectly, the Sig 239 was a little too short and
did not balance just right - I should try a Sig 228 or
something along those lines to see if I like those or not.
Also tried a Glock 19 to round out the three, and it was
just pale in comparison to the little HK. Figures I have
to like the most expensive gun.

Guns and shopping. All I need is fast cars and I'm set.
Shame the weather out here is so dismal. I'm heading back
to disaster land soon to try to find a place to live.

music: Muse: Time is running out

candice at October 12, 2005 10:35 AM


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