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November 08, 2005

fine dining

So tonight a friend had an invite for something of a rehearsal
before-opening dinner at Ralph's on the Park. The food was
lovely, even if you had little choice in the matter (everyone
got randomly assigned menus with things already chosen.) Driving
through a dead mostly stoplight-free city to get to serious food
snob quality food (they're a Brennan family establishment) was
more than a little bit strange. There are a few people living
in the area around City Park, and people camping in the park,
so at least that had a little bit of life to it. It seemed so
normal going out to a nice place with dressed up people, yet
there are piles of debris on the sidewalks and spotty electricity.
The drinks even came with a disclaimer "we have bottled water if
you are iffy about drinking the city water, but it's fine here."

The best way I can describe my life these days is something out
of a movie. Normal life never looked so good.

music: Massive Attack: Angel

candice at November 8, 2005 11:11 PM


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