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November 26, 2005

delicious roundup

I think doing this at some point each weekend will work. Also the little link captions are the 'descriptions' here.

Oh, and music tagged with 'find' is something of a wishlist. It hasn't been up to date really since before the storm, but I dropped a couple of links in this week.

music: Unkle: eye 4 an eye

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November 25, 2005

my dear dogs

dogs causing mischeif

That's what I found when I got home from relative and
friend-visiting last night. The two of them had gotten
into an MRE, pulled out just the entree, and tore into
the thing.

torn up MRE

My dad was saying that they have to have worked together
to have gotten it out of that hole so well. They also
pulled out the heater bag and a "hot beverage bag", so
I ended up making some pretty decent MRE mocha cappucino
stuff, as we didn't want a heater bag with dog bites in
it exploding without warning. (Rather have it explode
in the sink, you see.)

music: REM: Crush with eyeliner

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November 21, 2005

embracing your inner yat

No, there are no non-hurricane stories in my life these
days. That's all there is here. There are so many to
tell and trade, and you have to retell them all to all
the people you run across and know.

One weird side effect of all this is my long-gone accent
has started to come back. Before this I could only drop
into various levels of yatness when talking to people who
had that accent as well. Now I'm finding myself going
on (awhn) and on with it. "How you done made out?" "Eh,
I'm aight, da house got roof damaged and my damn landlords
wont fix shit, ya know?" It's the stress, that's all I
can figure out.

music: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: There ain't no easy way

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November 20, 2005

bottle of port

living room

The furniture at my uncle's house (like the refrigerator)
ended up all over the place. The coffee table in the
center moved about ten feet, and kept a bottle of port
standing straight up, with some glasses on it and papers
and remote controls, untouched.

I'd forgotten about that until yet another round of
telling storm stories down on Magazine Street last
night. Mentioning having to go down the bayou for
Thanksgiving brought on a whole round of Boudreaux
and Thibodeaux jokes.

music: The Meters: They all Ask'd for you

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November 18, 2005

delicious posty roundup

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November 15, 2005

I miss my kitchen

It's not so much the same kitchen I miss, even though
this last one was decent by old-house standards, but
having one. With a gas stove and a goddamn teakettle.

I even miss the empty refrigerator. My refrigerator,
pre-Katrina, contained 1.5lbs of fresh shrimp, some ice,
and some pint glasses in the freezer, a shelfload of
condiments and varied hot sauces, half and half, butter,
random sandwich meat and cheese, a small brick of cream
cheese, and some tonic water. I think I had even run out
of beer and diet coke. There was a loaf of bunny bread
atop the fridge.

I remember needing to go to the store that day when I left,
and instead having to go up to the Covington Wal-Mart which
was totally out of all flavors of Diet Coke product aside
from two 2-liters of Diet Coke with Splenda and six 12-packs
of Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper. (I bought two. We ran
out on day three or so, about the time when the stress and
lack of nicotine were really starting to kill me.)

I'm one of those 'buy everything to cook with right before it
gets cooked' people. My mother's fridge and pantry and deep
freeze are stuffed with enough raw material and lazy food to
eat for months. There's so much food here. Left to my own
devices, I tend to survive on sandwiches and beer and carrots.
I do cook occasionally, aside from just "fixing things", but
nothing that requires a pantry full of food.

I miss my kitchen laptop, the old gray brick. I discovered
during the tropical storm early this summer still has 45
minutes of battery. I haven't touched it since packing it
up and bringing it here.

I'm tired of being homeless, but I need more certainty to go
and find somewhere. Until then, you can probably find me
drinking coffee somewhere. New Rue seems to be where I run
into everyone.

music: The Doors: Queen of the Highway

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November 13, 2005

java, rest in peace

This is one of the reasons being on the northshore is so
mind-bogglingly boring at the moment. That is where I
used to hang out up here. Java Grotto, on the lakefront,
next to a dive bar (which is also missing large chunks.)
The dive bar had dollar beer all the time, so I'd end up
in there occasionally to continue a conversation. It
was really nice to be able to sit and watch the water all
evening long.

(Sorted directory, now with more pictures.)

music: Franz Ferdinand: Take me out

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November 12, 2005

new alpha

Complete with comforting blue console screen. Forgot to post
about the newly acquired miata. Personal Workstation 600au:
600mhz ev56, 512mb ram, 3 4gb barracudas on fast-wide scsi,
dual tga2s. Happiness in a box. It's running 4.0F, the amusing
compaq/digital hybrid version, where they had only gotten
around to changing a little bit of the branding.

(Hell, when I worked on it, we were -still- changing branding
in 5.0A and 5.1.)

I don't have a name for her yet. I don't have a name for the
little HK either. Hard to focus my mind onto certain things.

music: Kosheen: Hide U

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November 08, 2005

fine dining

So tonight a friend had an invite for something of a rehearsal
before-opening dinner at Ralph's on the Park. The food was
lovely, even if you had little choice in the matter (everyone
got randomly assigned menus with things already chosen.) Driving
through a dead mostly stoplight-free city to get to serious food
snob quality food (they're a Brennan family establishment) was
more than a little bit strange. There are a few people living
in the area around City Park, and people camping in the park,
so at least that had a little bit of life to it. It seemed so
normal going out to a nice place with dressed up people, yet
there are piles of debris on the sidewalks and spotty electricity.
The drinks even came with a disclaimer "we have bottled water if
you are iffy about drinking the city water, but it's fine here."

The best way I can describe my life these days is something out
of a movie. Normal life never looked so good.

music: Massive Attack: Angel

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November 02, 2005

yay archives

My working home directory has finally been rescued from
the 18th floor of 210 Baronne. Checking its' logs I see
that that building lost power a couple of hours after the
lab and from what I'm told the french quarter did.

MH scripts and archives, and project notes, happiness.

As a side note, I have apparently ended up being the local
2600 overlord. Meeting this friday y'all.

music: (and soon I discovered, that this rock thing was true)

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