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December 28, 2005

glorious meat


Christmas dinner. The rest of the teriyaki sauce is in a pot behind the meat, from this point the meat gets sliced, packed into a serving dish, and drenched with the rest of the sauce. We started with a little under five pounds of meat, with six people at dinner, we had maybe four ounces leftover.

It was an okay holiday. Considering how awful last christmas was, and the events of the past few months, okay is fantastic.

music: Gwen Stefani: What are you waiting for?

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December 24, 2005

christmas and linkage

Been doing the usual relative-visiting and such nonsense (over the river and through the swamp, to grandmother's house we go.) Our Christmas dinner tomorrow is a teriyaki brisket (doing this, sear on grill and finish in oven.) Actual good food instead of turkey! The oldest of my grandpa's sisters' funeral was yesterday, so my mom and them had that to catch up on as well. They had been figuring her husband would go first, but I guess it was just her time. No idea who will take up leadership of the giant Italian clan there, or if anyone will bother. My sister made it in for Christmas this time, instead of getting stranded in DCA because it snowed in New Orleans on Christmas Day. Have a good one y'all, here's a week or so of del.icio.us.

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I made roughly a cookie jar full of sesame seed cookies this evening. They came out quite well. They're the only italian cookies we've made this year. We used to make pounds upon pounds of these things for my Mawmaw's St. Joseph's altar. My mom's recipe is actually pretty easy. I tend to run low on the seeds, so having extra is a good plan. (Also you can buy them in big bags at asian markets.) I also finally got to use mom's shiny KitchenAid.

3 cups flour
1 cup sugar
1 cup shortening
4 tsp vanilla
1 tbsp baking powder
3 eggs
1 2 oz jar of sesame seeds

Put all ingredients except seeds into a large bowl (or mixer bowl). Beat until blended (looks roughly like sugar cookie dough.) Roll out cookies into round strands less than a dime in diameter. Cut them into pieces an inch and a half long or so, and roll into sesame seeds, put them on a flat pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes.

music: Benny Grunch: Santa and his reindeer used to live right here

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December 18, 2005

not just bagpipes,

but a whole drums and bagpipes band, marching along the edge of the lakefront playing. I'd seen a single bagpipe player before there, but this time it's the entire band. No idea why, and I don't carry a camera while walking the dog (those of you who know her can probably figure out why that's a little pointless).

It's still not as strange as the guy standing knee-deep in the lake a few weeks ago, wearing nothing but a pair of running shorts, playing the violin.

Running into randomly-occurring live music is at least somewhat normal. It's still not listening to kids playing jazz on street corners after school, while waiting for the bus, but hey, I'll take what I can get here.

music: Muse: Stockholm Syndrome

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December 13, 2005

Dear Congress...

You know, I would love to get all pissed off about this whole idiotic "War on Christmas" crap right now. Being mad about something so benign would be wonderful. But I can't, because I keep driving through a city that has been left to die. A man-made disaster created by the incompetency of the federal government, and they can't even have the fucking decency to rebuild enough levees and decide on flood zone maps to allow people the stability to rebuild.

I tend to refrain from posting on this, as it's basically useless, but even my mother (republican voter, no less) got pissed off at the president and friends all spending so much money on Iraq, when they can't be bothered to spend a fraction of that on a great american city.

You folks like sugar? Already gone up by 20 cents/pound. Coffee? Folgers was having shortages due to not being able to open their plant here. You like your giant orange space shuttle rockets? Oil? Natural gas? Half the natural gas in this country passes through here. All the midwestern folks saying that we should just all take care of ourselves, do you want your grain shipped to the outside world? We need our infrastructure back, and that IS the government's job, no matter where you are, or what color the administration of your country.

(I must take a second to say, that all of my dear New York people, y'all have been awesome, I just wish the government cared as much about us as they did about you.)

I suppose bridges in Alaska are worth more than the livelihoods of a million or so people. What is it that Stalin said? One death is a tragedy, while a million is a statistic?

music: Kanye West: Diamonds are Forever

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December 11, 2005

haunted trees


Live oaks with no leaves is rather strange. Mandeville's lakefront is a kinda surreal place to take the dog for a walk, but that's life lately.

My uncle is having problems getting his FEMA trailer, it hasn't shown up yet, even though the contractors came to stake it out weeks ago. Tonight we were all out having chinese food, and he says before he opens his fortune: "Mine better say that my FEMA trailer is getting delivered Monday." They're having to figure out how to get his and Noriko's dog (a Boxer, sweet big thing called Bella), back from California whenever the trailer arrives.

music: The Matrix (on tv)

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December 07, 2005


I happened to find the Sharper Image catalog on the coffeetable around here the other day while on the phone with a friend. In the middle of making fun of the anti-hip yuppiness of the thing, my friend asked: "Hey, is there some equivalent of the Sharper Image catalog for rednecks?". "Yeah, it's the J.C. Whitney catalog. Car parts, you know?"

Have some links, music and stuff. Hover for captions.

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December 01, 2005


is the song stuck in my head right now. The tinny version of it, the one that comes out of the christmas musicboxes I used to have. A few of those are set out in my mother's yearly display of christmas kitsch scattered all over the house - she has an entire extra set of nicknacks to go on top of everything.

Last year I had my own little christmas tree (next to armoire), with cute miniature christmas ornaments, and a star on top that I'd gotten probably fifteen years ago in dance class. It stayed up until close to Mardi Gras, in typical local fashion. I had to throw the tree away when I cleaned out my house in a frenzy in 98 degree heat in September, terrified of the next time it would rain. There was nowhere for it to go, and besides, it cost me maybe ten dollars at Lowes, right?

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