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January 18, 2006


lakefront seawall
(fullsize version)

I've been walking the dog (new picture) at sunset the last couple of days. Today it was empty enough out there that I could stand still enough to take pictures with susie's leash on my other hand.

sunset over lake ponchartrain
(fullsize version)

This was a gazebo about twenty feet from the water. I'm quite surprised that it is standing at all, considering the storm surge there. (This is Lakeshore Drive in Mandeville. Nice park to walk the dog at, though rather surreal. It fits this world.)

formerly garden-like

In other disaster-related news, on Monday the last of the debris at my parents' house got picked up. No more tree carnage!

music: Garbage: Bleed Like Me

candice at January 18, 2006 12:47 AM


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