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January 29, 2006

Mon bon vieux mari

My mother is the resident cajun for my dad's side of the family. His uncle calls up last Saturday, asking if she knows this old cajun song his uncle used to sing when he was drunk. (That part of the family worked on the plantations for a couple of years, but isn't cajun.) He sang a couple bars in french that he could remember. Trying to spell words sung in french when you don't know what words they are or how to spell them is kinda difficult with my very rusty non-cajun french.

We had to enlist the help of my native cajun french speaking grandmother, (who recognized the song, but didn't know the name either, she did give us a clue as to what the words were.) Between Grandmaw, the old people at the nursing home she volunteers at, Babelfish and Google, we eventually found that it's a song about a woman married to the best drunk in town, asking him where he's going, where the party is, all that type of stuff. It's quite funny.

All this to find a song my great-great-uncle used to sing when he was drunk. God bless the intarweb, we even bought the CD.

music: Suzanne Vega: Tom's Diner

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January 27, 2006

new favorite t-shirt

tabasco self

Pardon the hands-free cable. I found this shirt at my parents' house. It makes me happy.

My life at the moment consists mostly of navigating bureaucracy and apartment hunting. I've also been mucking about installing Exchange for my dad's business stuff, and playing with the MSDN beta of Longhorn (not impressive). It doesn't seem too terrible, active directory is mangled ldap and kerberos, after all. (But the forests! I have to giggle at the forestry terminology.) His real mailserver is going to run Linux anyway, as the house webserver does. I'm taking two classes starting next week, it will be nice to do stuff that is completely analog for a change.

music: Tricky: Hell is round the corner

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January 26, 2006

January 25, 1956


Today was my grandparents' 50th anniversary. They ended up not having a party due to the post-storm illnesses and deaths of various close relatives, but managed to celebrate a little bit, out to dinner somewhere nice, dressed up.

She's just turned 18 there. That dress is somewhere in a closet at her house, still. I have a few more pictures of their wedding in storage on a CD somewhere; my grandfather went on a family picture scanning spree. They got married in a small ceremony in El Paso, TX, where both of their families had outposts at the time.

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January 18, 2006


lakefront seawall
(fullsize version)

I've been walking the dog (new picture) at sunset the last couple of days. Today it was empty enough out there that I could stand still enough to take pictures with susie's leash on my other hand.

sunset over lake ponchartrain
(fullsize version)

This was a gazebo about twenty feet from the water. I'm quite surprised that it is standing at all, considering the storm surge there. (This is Lakeshore Drive in Mandeville. Nice park to walk the dog at, though rather surreal. It fits this world.)

formerly garden-like

In other disaster-related news, on Monday the last of the debris at my parents' house got picked up. No more tree carnage!

music: Garbage: Bleed Like Me

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January 10, 2006


"So what kind of music do you listen to?" is a question that tends to get me to stall. I'm at a loss to try and throw genres around that fit my drifting tastes.

Depending on the season I may be listening to faithless or massive attack, nirvana and stone temple pilots, nine inch nails, ministry, johnny cash, the meters, the white stripes, duran duran, my bloody valentine, rjd2, dj shadow, doves, whatever. It varies, is the point, really, and it's hard to nail down. I hated half my music collection after a breakup in 2003, and am just now getting back to some of it. I still recognize entirely too much background music in commercials and radio.

There are 28 albums on my to-find list on delicious, and I haven't even gone on a half.com two dollar album spree since around May. I need more. I need to actually listen to all of those. I'm sitting on the same four gigabytes of music frozen onto my laptop in late August.

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January 06, 2006

twelfth night!

Alright, so where's my king cake already. Mardi Gras can't come soon enough.

Been quiet mostly from the stress of the dogs fighting and other stuff. I got pretty scratched up yesterday splitting them apart.

Been doing the FEMA-go-round as well as dealing with other various beaurocracies. Rather burnt out on all of it.

One of these days I'll get around to finding a better home inside for my fileserver and change-up my music collection. Aside from making a couple of mixes for the drive north, I haven't switched anything out since before Katrina.

music: Cake: Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps

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January 01, 2006

hacking in style

Now this is what a computer should look like. Bold, blue, stylish, powerful. If computers in general looked like this geeks wouldn't have such a reputation for being square. (And they might dress better, but I'm not holding my breath.)

I got these last night. A friend of mine called me up and said "hey, I have these sgi's, want them?" The origin is an r10k, and the o2 is an r5k. Thanks to the massively thick fog and the fact that I drive over a 24 mile bridge to get home, I called it a night early enough to have cars to follow in the fog, and spent the rest of new year's eve turning the origin back into a tower from a rackmount setup. It's got a little blue screened door for the front as well.

Here's to a better 2006.

music: Morphine: You look like rain

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