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February 14, 2006

I wander.

dog on levee

A few weeks ago susie and I got kicked out of the house for a day so that the parents could do insulation work in the attic. I had errands to run in the city and in Metairie and stuff, so we took off. We ended up at Audubon Park, watching the ships on the river go by for a while.

I was driving killing time that afternoon, and got around to tracking down this:

seaplane in driveway

This seaplane is on Eleonore St, and it was featured in two articles in the paper, one of which is here, and the other of which I can't find. The other one interviewed the owner and explained that the plane is named after his wife's kitchen, because as soon as she saw it, she started on with "Well, there go my granite countertops, there go my new cabinets..."

I've been boring lately, doing homework and watching american-remixed episodes of Top Gear. Mmm. Ferrari. Shiny. Loud. You get the idea.

music: Fiona Apple: Criminal

candice at February 14, 2006 03:14 AM


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