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February 28, 2006


Happy Mardi Gras!

I made it an early evening; I'm presently trying to avoid
getting sick. I actually wore something vaguely resembling
a costume this year, a mask and wings. Pam and Ana and
company were lovely in feathers. Dave Cash and half of the
rest of the city were all decked out in blue tarp.

Have some pictures.

Oh, also. Anyone have a better picture of this? I caught
a few minutes of the parades on channel 4 this morning with
the mayor riding on a horse dressed up like Lt. Gen. Honore
(cigar and fatigues and everything), but they only have a
closeup in their pictures section.

EDIT: Nevermind.

music: more Mardi Gras music

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February 25, 2006

I have to share

You all need to know.

MC Hammer has a blog.

music: (can't touch what? no.)

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Finally made it out to a couple of uptown parades last night.
Krewe D'Etat was fantastic as always, and had a full complement
of flambeaux. We ended up at Ye New College Inn for a poboy
afterwards, it was weird but cool.

Tonight it's pouring and Endymion is rescheduled for tomorrow,
so it looks like tonight is shot. I'll probably be lame and sit
around doing homework drinking beer or something. Bacchus and
Endymion back to back sunday is going to be a long night.

Monday I turn 25, ack, and I will probably be out somewhere then
as well, I may be calling around to see who is at parades.

music: That damned audubon zoo song.

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February 18, 2006

project rust-removal

I was going to finish today, but the weather here had other plans. Yesterday I spent about two hours sanding the bubblegum pink bondo glob that now makes up the top edge of a wheel well on my car. It looks great, but I covered myself, the car, and the driveway in pink dust. Minor body work is easier than it appears, this stuff is no worse than refinishing furniture. All I have left is filling the air bubbles, primer and paint.

I have all kinds of mini-rantlets on various pieces of software bubbling, fighting with the need to get an english paper drafted.

I will say this, though. Amavis wised up and trimmed their default configuration file down to under 1000 lines. The last time I configured it I nearly fell asleep halfway through, the file was so excessively long. New rule: if your configuration file is more than 1500 lines long by default, you need to simplify your options.

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February 14, 2006

I wander.

dog on levee

A few weeks ago susie and I got kicked out of the house for a day so that the parents could do insulation work in the attic. I had errands to run in the city and in Metairie and stuff, so we took off. We ended up at Audubon Park, watching the ships on the river go by for a while.

I was driving killing time that afternoon, and got around to tracking down this:

seaplane in driveway

This seaplane is on Eleonore St, and it was featured in two articles in the paper, one of which is here, and the other of which I can't find. The other one interviewed the owner and explained that the plane is named after his wife's kitchen, because as soon as she saw it, she started on with "Well, there go my granite countertops, there go my new cabinets..."

I've been boring lately, doing homework and watching american-remixed episodes of Top Gear. Mmm. Ferrari. Shiny. Loud. You get the idea.

music: Fiona Apple: Criminal

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February 08, 2006

body work

Last spring, I learned how to pull dents out of fenders. Useful skill to have when you park on the street near old people's houses.

Today I learned how to sandblast. This has left me with some de-rusted and primed spots on one side of my car, and a head full of black sandblasting sand. (It isn't actual sand, it's apparently better. Whatever, it's still embedded itself into my scalp.) Tomorrow we start attacking the formerly rusted spots with bondo.

music: Madonna: Hung up

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