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February 25, 2006


Finally made it out to a couple of uptown parades last night.
Krewe D'Etat was fantastic as always, and had a full complement
of flambeaux. We ended up at Ye New College Inn for a poboy
afterwards, it was weird but cool.

Tonight it's pouring and Endymion is rescheduled for tomorrow,
so it looks like tonight is shot. I'll probably be lame and sit
around doing homework drinking beer or something. Bacchus and
Endymion back to back sunday is going to be a long night.

Monday I turn 25, ack, and I will probably be out somewhere then
as well, I may be calling around to see who is at parades.

music: That damned audubon zoo song.

candice at February 25, 2006 06:05 PM


It's not officially monday..so, happy birthday! Hope your 25th year is an enjoyable one...as I recall, I rather enjoyed most of mine.

Posted by: Trevor at February 27, 2006 09:03 AM

Thanks! 24 was rather insane, I'm just hoping for a little less uncertainty, y'know?

Posted by: candice at February 27, 2006 02:42 PM

Yea...hopfully things will settle down a bit this year. Btw, I'm jealous...I was watching the food network yesterday and they were running a bunch of New Orleans/Mardi Gras themed shows...I'm hungry now and I can't quite satisfy my gumbo urges.

Posted by: Trevor at February 28, 2006 08:27 AM

I have a good gumbo recipe I posted to here, but the ingredients would cost you a fortune. (I do seafood gumbo--shrimp and crab--not that chicken andouille stuff.) Just had some this weekend. :)

Posted by: candice at February 28, 2006 09:15 PM

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