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March 31, 2006



I actually don't know where this matchbook is at the moment.
It came from a box of candles I got from when we were moving
my aunt out of Lakeview in 2003. Probably dates to the 1960s.
Anyone know if they're going to reopen or not?

music: Kaiser Chiefs: Oh my god

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March 29, 2006

this aint no bake sale

As a fundraiser, the New Orleans public schools are selling
a flooded out school bus on Ebay. Really.

With me still? No, it's not fake.

EDIT: Check out the question/answer section on the auction.
Comedy gold, I tell you.

music: My Bloody Valentine: Loomer

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March 27, 2006


Tonight I was at the PJs around the corner, and whoever's mix cd
was in the player had a line into the earliest reaches of my mp3
collection. Summer of 1997, back home after boarding school, and
listening to music piped through my computer to a wood-paneled
stereo on old speakers. Ben Folds Five: Brick. Such a pretty
song. The Cardigans' Lovefool - the one off of the Romeo and
Juliet soundtrack, that always got stuck in my head sitting in
232 listening to the demon, thinking about one of my first real

I've got a lot of music tied to specific stretches of highway, in
states from here to Massachusetts and back. Bright obnoxious
techno on WKTU from NYC, speeding up into the mountains on
Rt. 80 at 2am, on the way home. Songs tied to driving around with
one boy or another, on back roads in fast cars and slow ones.
Many of them bring back snow-covered roads to remote Wegmans'
late at night to get junk food with friends.

I was switching between the Diva and WRNO when I first got back
into the city, windows down, my stereo was echoing down empty
city streets. I can't remember the songs now, it was too quiet.

music: Ben Folds Five: Brick

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March 24, 2006



These grow wild under the live oak in the backyard.
Apparently they are too bitter to eat.

music: Norah Jones: The nearness of you

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March 21, 2006

on fema trailers

So, I caught a few minutes of the news this evening.

Channel 4: "Next at 6, ways to keep up your exercise routine
in a small confined space like a FEMA trailer."

My dad: "That's easy, all you need is to go outside, pick
up the tongue, put it back down, pick it up, put it down..."

My mom: "Oh, and you can sit on the toilet and put your feet
into the bathtub, out of it..." (Some models of FEMA trailer
have the toilet in a really weird configuration, you see.)

I didn't catch the clip, it may be online later, I was curious
to see if they were going to suggest cramming yoga into the
living room of a trailer.

music: Persephone's Bees: Muzika Dlya Fil'ma

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March 16, 2006

resilient picnic tables

broken shelter

So. That is one of the shelters on Lakeshore Drive, the one
closest to Joe's Crab Shack, to be specific. Note the complete
lack of bathroom, that whole chunk of building is just missing.
We do, however, still have picnic tables. And someone has gone
and stood the palm trees back up, too. (Apparently there is also
some good soul picking up the trash and cutting the grass out
there too, because it's looking pretty decent out there for having
been beat to hell.)

I've been meaning to take that picture for weeks, it weirds me
out every time I drive past. Did I mention the weather today
was absolutely stunning? Because it was.

music: Eagle Eye Cherry: Shooting up in vain

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March 15, 2006

west indian food

There's this little cafe in Mandeville run by an old friend's
mother that is absolutely fantastic. They are from Guyana
originally, and my god do they make good food. Roma's Roti
Cafe, at the corner of Florida & Coffee.

So, Saturday evening the parents and I go there to get some
sweet west indies curry, and there's this contractor sitting
there by himself, finishing his supper. He spent about fifteen
minutes talking on his cell phone while in there, in a thick
alabama or georgia middle-of-nowhere sort of accent, and raved
about the food.

I think we may be bringing some culture to the army of flannel
shirts and pickup trucks invading our fair town from parts
north. Just maybe.

music: Air: All I need

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March 14, 2006

a little rochester story

I left Rochester to come home to New Orleans three years ago
yesterday. In honor of that, I have a little story for y'all.

So, New Year's day I'm at my grandmother's house for her usual
big party. I'm sitting around drinking wine and talking about
food with some family friends, one of whom used to be a salesman.
We get to talking about how people in some parts of the country
have no idea how to cook seafood. "Yeah, so I was at this
meeting, up north somewhere, and there was this big pile of
boiled shrimp on the buffet. So I took a bunch, and they had
no flavor in them at all, and they were cold!" Turns out he
was in Rochester. He complained to the waiters, and the chef
came out saying "Ok, where's the guy from Louisiana?" and fixed
him up a sauce to try to compensate for the flavorless shrimp.

music: Chris Cornell: Can't change me

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March 10, 2006

more mardi gras!

Check out Dave Cash's picture-filled mardi gras post.
Tons of good costumes and revelry.

music: Muse: Apocalypse Please

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glorious stoplights

At my aunt's funeral last week there were quite a lot of nuns,
my cousin--her only surviving daughter--is one of the Sisters
of Mount Carmel. Some of them knew my aunt, and some were there
to support my cousin. My aunt lived in Lakeview, a few blocks
from their school, that's where she raised her children. All
of the conversation at the funeral that wasn't about my aunt was
about The Thing: the hurricane, the levees breaking, the feet of
water for three weeks. I went into the break room at the funeral
home during the wake and ended up in a fifteen minute conversation
of "how did you do," as we all say here now, with three nuns.
(As an aside, as a lot of you know I have a bit of an aversion to
religion. My cousin has never given me an ounce of trouble over
that, for which her and her fellow sisters have my utmost respect.)

It's the icebreaker with people you are just meeting in New Orleans
these days: you ask how they made out, where they evacuated to,
when you got back, did you sneak in early, just as a matter of
course. I've told my story hundreds of times by now, and I'm still
trying to collect the stories of the people I know, some of whom
I still haven't seen since "before." "I'm still here, I'm okay,
I lost some things but not everything and I didn't get stuck in
Houston or on a rooftop, it's fine, really, I'm still here." I went
away for a week or so, back in October when the whole area was
still quite severely broken, out of a dire need to see what normal
looked like.

Little things are improving here and there. I never would have
imagined being so happy to see functioning stoplights appear at
the West End/Ponchartrain Expressway interstate interchange.
Those I found existing again on Mardi Gras. We have a 24-hour
Wal-mart up on the northshore now. A couple of late night donut
shops. The malls are starting to get back to regular hours, as
opposed to closing at 6 or 7pm. On Ash Wednesday I was driving
to class and there were a TON of people fishing and crabbing on
Lakeshore Drive, it looked like a Saturday in the summertime out

There is still so much to do. So many people are overwhelmed
trying to get their lives together, trying to fight with insurance
companies and adjusters and fema and roofers and disappearing
contractors. My english class is almost entirely made up of
"non-traditional students", and our professor tells us that we
inspire her for coming back to school on our own after all of
this and driving through the bombed out shells of Lakeview and
Gentilly to get to school all the time. Just today I got a new
windshield for my car; it was pretty well cracked on the drivers'
side from that oak tree that landed on my car while the eye was
passing. Six months to get around to fixing a windshield because
there is so much else to be done.

music: The Darkness: I believe in a thing called love

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March 04, 2006

weird energy drinks

Rouse's seems to be an excellent source for weird energy
drinks. Someone over there must like collecting them.
A while back I found Ol'Glory, and today I found the new
Tab Energy (warning: sound). (Now. If they would just
concentrate Diet Coke down into energy drink form, are
you listening, Coke?)

music: Imogen Heap: The Walk

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March 02, 2006

black suit

Putting together something to wear to a funeral tomorrow.
My Aunt was a woman of impeccable taste, so I feel as if
I should dress well for her funeral. She's the second
hurricane-related death in my family, my grandmother's
older sister. She ended up paralyzed from the stress of
evacuating, and had been downhill ever since. They're
having a service for her in Lafayette, and they are
going to save her ashes to be buried in New Orleans next
to her husband at a later date.

music: Imogen Heap: Goodnight and go

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