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April 26, 2006

levee building is loud

let us show you how to build levees
("Let us show you how to build levees", by a local engineering
firm, in traffic downtown a few weeks ago.)

The work on the London Ave Canal behind UNO keeps getting louder.
Tonight I could barely hold a conversation in the parking lot.

At least they're working on it, unlike the trailers at UNO which
were meant for students, and have been sitting in parking lots
since January with no electricity, plumbing, or stairs. At the
beginning of the semester we joked that they would still be empty
in May. May starts next Monday.

music: Artificial Joy Club: Sick and Beautiful

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April 25, 2006


Alright, so check this out. Totally ignore the lame social
networking bullshit, and type an artist into the "Music
Discovery Engine" and let it play. And play on, and remember
stuff and find new stuff and weird connections. One of the
first strange ones I found was that it was correlating Massive
Attack and C-Murder.

Props to chartreuse for posting about it.

music: Massive Attack: Mezzanine

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April 24, 2006


I slept in my own bed last night for the first time since August.

This whole I live uptown thing is weird, too. My Grandpa (the
Italian one) grew up a few blocks away from where I live now, in a
house above various incarnations of family business on Magazine St.
He was one of 11, and though it might have been a big house, it
had to have been crowded.

music: Ladytron: Another breakfast with you

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April 22, 2006

mini not skirt

So, a new intel mac mini ended up on my desk at the office today.
It is adorable in its tiny-ness, but all the Aqua Bouncy Stuff
is already starting to get annoying. I have at least stuck
synergy on it so I don't have to remember which screen I'm on.

Don't ask me why I have the mac, or it will spur me off on a big
rant involving conflicting directory services and custom management
interfaces being evil.

Still in the process of moving, I do have network up there now.

music: The Flaming Lips: Do you realize?

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April 18, 2006


Anyone local know someone with a regular round-hole 19" rack
they want to get rid of? I can pay a couple hundred for one,
it doesn't even need doors, necessarily, I'm just trying to
avoid paying exorbitant shipping from ebay.

music: Felix da Housecat: Madame Hollywood

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April 14, 2006

no longer homeless

Found a little apartment Uptown for me and susie, right near
the river. Between that and everything else lately (more work,
crunch time of the semester, etc) I have been incredibly busy.

I have a lease and keys, now, I just need to find a scsi cable
for the kitchen sink...

music: Pulp: Disco 2000

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April 08, 2006

The Black Hole

I found this great piece in my delicious inbox. It's a travelogue
from going to visit the test site of the first atomic bomb on one
of the two days a year that it is open. Interesting history of
the Manhattan Project aside, there's a fun description of this
shop run by a disillusioned engineer who worked at Los Alamos in
the 50s and 60s.

Imagine...well, imagine an old supermarket, filled from wall to
wall and nearly to the ceiling with the collected ephemera of six
decades of Big Science. The shelves hold everything from micrometers
and Dewar flasks and centrifuges to burned-out lasers and aging
Macintosh desktop computers and Dictaphones and camera tripods and
bins of screws, bulbs and obscure forms of electronic cabling, ion
chambers and Geiger counters and molded chairs and capacitors and
televisions and radiation warning systems. In one far corner sits
a fermentor, a device which can be used -- according to Ed -- to
make chemical weapons. "In a fermentor like this, you can make up
to fifty liters of anthrax, and those other biological bad things,"
Ed told me.

One thing that surprised me is that Los Alamos has a Starbucks.

music: Roger Miller: King of the road

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April 07, 2006


Hours of bondo and sanding and my shoulders are killing me.

wheel well

But it's pretty much done. I might sand it back down and
paint again in a week or two if we decide it's not shiny
enough. The rest of the project is here.

music: Goldfrapp: Strict Machine

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April 06, 2006

sleep music

Nine Inch Nails: Further down the spiral.

Whole album, just left to play. Maybe the association will
let me get some sleep. It's been a long week and it's only
half done. Monday morning the parents took the beagle to
be put down, she just kept getting worse and worse. We got
her in the summer of 1994. She's better off now. Hopefully
now I'll quit having nightmares about the dogs killing each
other before I can split them up in a fight. (The last two
months we have had to keep the two dogs completely separate,
otherwise they would brawl constantly. Was stressful.)

Rest in peace Daisy.

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April 05, 2006

tastes of home

McKenzie's petit fours. Glorious teeny little cakes. What
brought me to these is the comments on this really beautiful
post over here.

music: Panjabi Hit Squad: Hai Hai

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