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May 29, 2006


It is 1:45am the night before Memorial Day. I just unset my
alarm for the first time in weeks. This is not complaining,
it's just a statement; I still have a few more weeks of work
weekdays and weekends before this lets up. I need to bill
some hours tomorrow too, but I think I'll get up and let the
dog out and go back to sleep tomorrow.

And now to what I was going to post about. Free wireless,
and 22/month for higher speeds, take that bellsouth with your
70/month wireless service. (Shout-out to Dave Cash, that was
what they quoted you, right?)

music: Kylie Minogue: Love at first sight

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May 25, 2006

car graveyards

Under the expressways surrounding the city are legions of
flooded cars. Homeless people hang out in them, people
steal wheels and other assorted parts of value that would
not rust.

Some of them, people searched for their cars and took what
they could, the rest were broken into, hoods popped or even
sometimes taken. Miles of illicit junkyard.

So many things about this city now remind me of movies.
Dark, cyberpunk, post-apocalypse, zombie films and the like.

music: Nine Inch Nails: Dead Souls

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May 22, 2006

why usb was invented

tangle hell

Had to get into a router the other weekend, and I lost a bunch
of my converter collection to rust from hurricane rainwater in
my old office.

music: Goldfrapp: Tiptoe

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May 20, 2006

dancers live on the margins

They do, really, and it's the reason my favorite ballet
teacher in New Orleans is leaving. She can't go through this
again, and says she's too old to have to start over on bad
terms, so it's back to Massachussetts where she has family.
Most of the people who can afford to really stay either have
roots or money, or are young and unencumbered.

I got to ballet class last night after a month or so, hopefully
I can make it more often now that I live five minutes away.

"So how do you like living Uptown?"
"Well, it's weird, but it beats the hell out of Mandeville."

What, you were expecting me to talk about the election? I'm
happy with the results, is all I have to say.

music: The Animals: House of the Rising Sun

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May 17, 2006

new stuff


After much trouble with UPS, the new laptop is here. Thinkpad T42,
part #2379R5U, with a few additions. It's so thin and slick. Also
pictured is the cute little cellphone I got a couple months ago.

I now get to spend all night configuring, pulling stuff from one
drive to the other, and other such nonsense.

music: CSI on spike

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May 16, 2006

mayor's comments

So, in the midst of all the debates and campaign stuff going on
right now, Chris Rose did a short interview with both Nagin and
Landrieu this week, and the results are hilarious.

In the end, which Bush will wind up helping New Orleans more --
George or Reggie?

Landrieu: Reggie, absolutely. I mean, is it too much to hope that
we go to the Super Bowl in the next four years?

Nagin: Reggie.

And Nagin's first restaurant meal after Katrina was at the Clover
Grill, which is a diner down at the gay end of Bourbon Street that
tends to be staffed by drag queens. Awesome.

music: Massive Attack: Future Proof

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May 10, 2006


This is from the same place as the "Be a New Orleanian,
Wherever you are" stuff. I'm not much into wearing t-shirts--
aside from tabasco and a faded black atari shirt I wear for
working on my car, that's about it. I'm all tank tops and
little girly shirts mostly. But I think I need to get one
of these. This is for everyone who has ever gotten home and
started peeling clothes off as soon as they hit the door,
cranked the air conditioner and stood straight in front of it.

Last fall I cleaned out my house in 98 degree weather with
no a/c (duh, the meter got torn clean off the house, and
Entergy cut the line to keep it from starting a fire) and
spent the non-freaked-out time wishing for a goddamn air
conditioner. That was back when everyone was still wandering
around with bottles of water and hats and bandannas. I had
a dishtowel stuck in my tank top to have something to dry sweat
off my face. I think I had military-issue bottled water.

My car's a/c is dead now, and the interior is still black,
and I really need to change that before it gets any hotter.
Not like I have time for it, I didn't really have time to write
this, but whatever.

Also. Sticker at a deli downtown: "Nobody for Mayor."

music: Goldfrapp: Black Cherry

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May 04, 2006


I have a slight break now. A lot of things are done, and
more of them are waiting on other people.

Anyway. Del.icio.us changed the 'inbox' to the 'network'
which is annoying the life out of me. At least it's not
called a 'friends' page. Hey people, please don't change
location names on features without redirects? This whole
"go click here for your subscriptions" is nonsense. Go
check out the feature, though, if you don't use it.

Also, today was Candice vs. sasl. Candice wins. Ha.

music: some classical stuff at new big Rue.

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