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May 10, 2006


This is from the same place as the "Be a New Orleanian,
Wherever you are" stuff. I'm not much into wearing t-shirts--
aside from tabasco and a faded black atari shirt I wear for
working on my car, that's about it. I'm all tank tops and
little girly shirts mostly. But I think I need to get one
of these. This is for everyone who has ever gotten home and
started peeling clothes off as soon as they hit the door,
cranked the air conditioner and stood straight in front of it.

Last fall I cleaned out my house in 98 degree weather with
no a/c (duh, the meter got torn clean off the house, and
Entergy cut the line to keep it from starting a fire) and
spent the non-freaked-out time wishing for a goddamn air
conditioner. That was back when everyone was still wandering
around with bottles of water and hats and bandannas. I had
a dishtowel stuck in my tank top to have something to dry sweat
off my face. I think I had military-issue bottled water.

My car's a/c is dead now, and the interior is still black,
and I really need to change that before it gets any hotter.
Not like I have time for it, I didn't really have time to write
this, but whatever.

Also. Sticker at a deli downtown: "Nobody for Mayor."

music: Goldfrapp: Black Cherry

candice at May 10, 2006 08:57 PM


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