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July 09, 2006

bandwidth all for me

t1 input

It is finally here, and working, and I have no customers on
it for like a week. Sweet!

As usual, BellSouth sucks. My original circuit completion
date was June 9. They got the wire to the building July 5th.

I was also over at my ISP the other day, putting servers in
due to the late T1 line, and they told me that BellSouth will
no longer sell non-pppoe dsl lines, and pretty much forced
them to switch over their entire dsl customer base. "You
can offer your customers higher speeds, but only if you
take away their nice, static, bridged dsl lines." Business
as usual in their world, I suppose.

music: Alice in Chains: Heaven beside you

candice at July 9, 2006 12:41 AM


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