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July 21, 2006

the lotus and the debris pile

So yes, I have a bit of a thing for shiny and fast. A couple
of weeks ago I was in traffic heading Uptown on a Friday, and
noticed this stunning Lotus Elise parked on the street. On the
street, half a block down from a rusted out old car that had sat
around since before the storm, probably, sporting slashed tires.

Gorgeous charcoal grey ("Storm Titanium," I think), with black
convertible top, black interior and charcoal colored rims, and
I see this car nearly every day. Its presence is odd. The debris
pile at the house it belongs to only recently got picked up.

I wonder who it belongs to, and why he came home. It's like the
Maserati I ran across in the french quarter one night back in the
land of Before. Out of place, but I'm happy it's there.

music: Basement Jaxx: On the train/Tiga: Far from home

candice at July 21, 2006 02:22 AM


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