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September 03, 2006

dear bandwidth gods,

Could you please give us another carrier allowed to run T1
lines in the New Orleans area? Bellsouth sucks. My office
T1 has been out for more than two hours as I write this.
Last week when summoned to check out an outage they
reported no problems on the line, as it magically started
working as soon as they were called. (Tonight, I am not
so lucky.)

It has been T1 death week all around, as some of my other
clients had five hours of business-hours outage due to Sprint
losing a router in Atlanta, trying to re-route to Fort Worth,
and failing.

So not that it really would be any better, but it might be
different. Getting credited for this is going to be fun.

And I quote a commit to bugs over at my clients office:
"We don't care, we're the phone company!"
--Lily Tomlin on Laugh-in

music: Daft Punk: Too Long

candice at September 3, 2006 10:06 PM


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