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October 28, 2006

gas pump heaven?

field of gas pumps

My parents found this while doing some touristing recently.
It's apparently a whole field full of them by the Tennessee
Valley Train Museum.

And it's 2am on a Friday night and I'm sitting here avoiding
cooking up stored procedures.

I'm contemplating something of a contest to come up with a
company name for when I decide to incorporate for myself.
Something along the lines of if anyone gives me a name I
really really like, they get dinner at Commander's. Maybe.
I hate naming things. I'm also itching for an excuse to
go eat there since they've finally reopened.

music: Persephones Bees: Paper Plane (brand new! happy!)

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October 23, 2006

driving lessons

"Why does it feel so late? It's only like 9:30."
"Well, it looks like 4 o'clock in the morning around here."

We were coming back from UNO at night, through Gentilly, having
gone there to find a big stretch of lit empty parking lot so I
could teach him how to drive a stick-shift. Had we gotten out
there earlier* or it not rained it probably would have been
easier, but what can you do. Now one of my car-less wonder
friends has my old Si, and I don't have to deal with it anymore.

*At 6am, when you're in the bar dancing to music from highschool
with the other fifteen or so people still out at this hour, you
think, oh, beer number 10, oh that might be a good idea, home is
only two blocks away, we can walk home and crash... Bad idea.

music: Arcade Fire: Neighborhood 1 (Tunnels)

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October 20, 2006

not hating the tourists

So, I was in the french quarter this evening, dressed up
to drop in on a party one of my clients was throwing for
their customers, and I realized something. Lately, we
don't hate the tourists like we used to. I've even found
myself giving directions to lost souls in the warehouse
district. I still don't know where the hotels are, but
I remember being so happy the first time I saw a drunk
girl with a feather boa on after the storm.

Y'all should come visit. Go volunteer to demolish and gut
out houses all day and drink all night. The locals will
be happy to see you.

(Also, the shoes performed admirably. Hours standing
up drinking in heels and my feet feel fine!)

music: Stone Temple Pilots: Dancing Days

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October 14, 2006

boring boring boring!

I have been trying to get a picture of these silver ballet
flats I just got. Going for the whole audrey hepburn in
skinny black pants and ballet flats look. It works.

Getting into some new music. Phoenix, courtesy of Fraser.
Buying back-catalog kind of stuff from half.com. Cheap used
cds are less work than babysitting soulseek.

/music is up on skirt the fifth. For those of you that I'd
trust with a login to do rsync, drop me an email. It's being
a selection of things as opposed to a real archive because I
haven't gotten around to throwing a big drive on there.

music: The National: Wasp Nest

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October 11, 2006

nothing sucks like a


I actually called a friend to make that particular joke when
I was at bestbuy this weekend. Where's my nerd sticker.

I'm being boring lately, catching up from months of full-burn
mode. The hosting business is settled into maintenance mode,
and I don't have extra project work on top of the at-clients
consulting right now. Buying stuff, going shooting, going
swimming, doing tons of math homework. Discrete midterm in
about 10 hours. Woo.

Nothing to see here, move along.

music: Audioslave: Like a stone

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October 05, 2006

dear apple,

(This is turning into a series.)

You have QA teams for a reason.

Today's fun involved finding out that two pieces of released
software on the same machine and operating system, that are
supposed to work with each other have different ldap schema.

Also, supporting multiple password types in directory service
and then restricting which ones can be used for provided
services is seriously lame.

It's like no one tested this stuff before they shipped.

music: Audioslave: Be yourself

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