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January 29, 2007

fashion police

so-called proverb

We were playing fashion police at Ms Mae's late on Saturday
night, on the way home, stopped in an emptyish bar for a minute,
and that was adorning the wall in the ladies room.

music: Doves

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January 26, 2007

cocomment is cool

On a better note...

I signed up for cocomment last summer, to take a stab at the
"so many comments, so hard to follow up" problem. They have
a neat little autodiscovery thingy, that latches into comment
forms and saves pages to your profile. Really useful. Problem
was, it was hooking itself into my bugzilla comments, needing
to be disabled on every single bug page, seriously annoying.

Thought about it again last week or so, and sent them email,
asking if there was a blacklist feature, "do I need to update
the firefox extension?" They responded back the next day, "It's
supposed to be in the next version of the extension, due out
next month, we hope, but we can add something to the blacklist
for you if you need it." Sent them a URL, turned the extension
back on, and I can track comments without stress. Happiness.

Now if only I could watch tv.

music: Prototypes: Danse sur la merde

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dear cablebox,

Spontaneously formatting your hard drive is NOT COOL.

It's been acting up recently, making "dying hard drive"
noises and getting stuck in the mpeg decoding. Now,
on top of all that, I have lost all 100+ hours of stuff
recorded so that I never have to flip channels anymore.

All I wanted to do was crash out with the dog and watch
CSI, but no. It hasn't even downloaded the program guide
yet, so I can't rebuild the scheduling list.

UPDATE: Scratch that, box completely dead. And I have
no time to go pick up a new one right now.

music: Ladytron: Destroy everything you touch

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January 21, 2007

cocoa and comet

Got to meet my parents new puppies today. 8 week old
standard poodles. They were chewing on my fingers and
they like untying shoes. Cocoa tried to climb up my
hair while I was leaning down to play with her.

Cocoa (girl):


Comet (boy):


They are getting AKC registered, so we get to make up
pretentious long silly names for them, too.

music: Moby: Dream About Me

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January 09, 2007


I always forget to put these lines into mh_profile. So out
they go into the cloud.

mhshow-show-image/jpeg: xv %f
mhshow-show-application/msword: antiword %f | more

And how many of you who used to think I was crazy for never sorting
or throwing away mail, now have gmail accounts which you never
clean out because you don't have to? Hmm?

music: Morphine: Let's take a trip together.
*If you don't know what mh is, it's the nerd email system from hell.

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January 07, 2007

public service announcement

hand drawn skyline
Mardi Gras is Tuesday, February 20th. Heavy partying pretty
much sets in the weekend before, and stops at midnight on Tuesday.

Just a reminder.

This picture is part of a set of mini-skylines my sister drew
for me as a Christmas present. I know she didn't work off a
reference, so the skyscrapers are slightly off, but it's still
really cool. (And I don't take good enough pictures for this.)

music: Air: Modular Mix

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January 02, 2007

high-heeled speed drinking

fuzzy lights

We got out late, left my house at 11, spent the requisite fifteen
minutes trying to find a parking space. Ducked into Tiki's for a
drink, skipped out to see how close we could get to Jackson Square
in the 10 minutes before midnight. Walking, drinking, trying to
take pictures at the same time.


I learn how to set my camera to long range, (that drink finished,
therefore hands are both free) and we duck into the old bar at
Tujague's for another one. Caught a few fireworks.


Stopped on someone's front stoop to sit down and discuss linguistics,
calculus, and shoes. Shouldn't have worn these shoes already.
Next bar, some loser offers to buy me another drink when I have
two sitting in front of me. Nice one, slick.

I've been lame and half-drinking most of my stuff, and switch to
diet coke when we get to the gay bar to hang out on the balcony,
and it's only 1. ("He's not that gay if he's checking me out like
that.") Some more walking around to find food and caffeine and
we head back to my house about three to go hang out with all the
uptown peoples.

pretty but deadly

I get out of those damned things, we take the dog out and get
some beer and head down the street (on foot) to see what the
suits-and-dresses white folks dancing to 90s hiphop are up to,
(Tulane represent!) get to Magazine and hang out up there for
a while. Eventually it's 6am and we're in a bar arguing the
finer points of various NFL teams and finalized playoffs, and
y'all, we really need to see the Saints against the Jets in
the superbowl. Home, pop-up video off the tivo, and sleep.

Happy fucking new year.

music: Prototypes: Ici ou peut-etre demain

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