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February 16, 2007

freeze warning

It is 34 degrees out. Might actually dip below freezing by
morning. It looks like the next few parade nights are going
to be very cold. Tonight was. I caught the end of Muses with
a few people, got a strand of red blinking LED* shoe beads and
a ton of the puzzle game ones.

No float pictures, as I didn't have my camera rigged for a neck
strap, and on the Uptown route I only carry as much as fits in
pockets. (But the new camera -does- fit in my bra, just like
the old one did. Yay!)

Last note, don't try to put a second hard drive sleeve on a
thinkpad drive. Makes it really difficult to get the drive out.
Stupid me forgot that was attached. In any case, I now have
a second disk with FreeBSD on the Thinkpad. Unix = Happy.

music: Moby: Extreme ways
*Turn the clasp on the beads that seem to have wire in the middle.

candice at February 16, 2007 02:37 AM


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