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March 02, 2007

and more puppies

Much clearer this time, as they are wet and their curls have
definition. Comet has the green collar and Coco has the red.


I've got nothing to add, really. Staring down a big pile of
work and homework, but I did manage to get to ballet and 2600
tonight. (Perl is so peaceful, there are no types....)

music: Curve: Cherry

candice at March 2, 2007 11:51 PM


awwww. best friends :)

Posted by: eddie Daroza at March 3, 2007 11:34 PM

They are as cute as the previous time you posted them.

Good luck with the homework. I have Photoshop work for a client to catch up on. Color correction, color adjustment and photo restoration closing with a climactic image crop in ad infinitum.

Posted by: Jessica Doyle at March 7, 2007 04:23 AM

Ouchy, I so can't do that kind of work, photoshop and editing like that. Work is good, though.

This is one of those "people asked me to post" posts, if you couldn't tell...

Posted by: candice at March 7, 2007 07:03 PM

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