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March 29, 2007

the icebreaker

The Forward was her name, and out of all the boats my family
has owned, this one has to be the strangest. She was commissioned
in 1927, in Alaska, as an icebreaker, and ended up off the coast of
Louisiana working for my family in the 70s and 80s. Tough boat,
the best we had against high seas, and at one point had thirteen
holes in the bottom from getting caught on debris one night,
and still made it back into port to be welded back together.

All this is to say, as a child of the oil industry, I grew up
hearing sea stories, and this one is great.

"When offshoring your development team means buying a boat."

We sold her when the bottom fell out of the oil industry in the
late 80s, for cash and jewelry, to a guy who used it for conch
fishing in the Bahamas. Which is, I think, an even more random
use for an icebreaker than blasting and painting oil rigs.

music: New Order: Crystal

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March 23, 2007

the sunshine

old signs

This building's dismantle and rebuild is finally back on.
The project started in the middle of 2005, taking apart the
place brick by brick. The buildings in this neighborhood are
from the 1820s to 1850s or so, and this one was supposed to
turn into condos. Whether it will now, I have no idea, but
someone is working on it for the first time since the storm.

tarp tarp tarp

Bonus points: A tarp for roofing, that isn't a FEMA tarp.
This one is there to give a little bit of shade to the guys
working below.

Still no car. Sigh.

music: Air: Modular Mix

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March 22, 2007

little news

Still have no lovely little car. It is being worked on, that
much I know. They decided to give her a new roof, which will
take even longer. Pictures will resume when driving is not
so frustrating.

It smells like weed outside, which would be fine except my
eyes are already bloodshot and burning from oak pollen.

music: Nine Inch Nails: Eraser

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March 17, 2007

lunchtime altar

Got a new lucky bean today when I dropped into a little gelato
place for lunch. They had a tiny little St. Joseph altar, and
a decent panini.

Speaking of lunch, y'all should check this out. Food porn at
its finest. Both my lunch and the lucky bean photograph badly.

music: New Order: Crystal

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March 15, 2007

conference call hell

For the record, I'm blaming this entire mess on the conference
call I got dragged into Tuesday, with no warning, causing me to
not be able to go to my usual oil change shop. Just so you know.

The conference call sucked, too, and I kept having to restrain
myself from reaching through the stupid triangle phone on the
table and strangling the guy who can't pronounce Kerberos
correctly. Kooberros indeed. He should know better.

Car is in the shop, after much stupid delay on insurance side,
and I won't have it back until next week. At least I don't
have to deal with the estimates and negotiation crap.

music: more Prototypes, but I need some Rob Zombie

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March 13, 2007

writing man pages

It's not hard, you don't even have to use roff. Use perlpod
and then pod2man. "Oh, duh, pod is stupid easy" to quote
the last person I suggested this to. It really is.

Just do it.

Just don't be annoying like svn when I went to look at the
svnadmin manpage and found "go look at this website!"
Which was, of course, down*. It's up now, of course, at
midnight when I don't need it.

I'm not closing those tabs.

music: Faithless: We Come 1
*I did check from multiple network sources, just to be sure.

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March 08, 2007

do I need a caption?

messed up car

Lovely dent up top there, eh? The hood is more dented than
it looks, too, I washed her this weekend so she's still shiny.

Still a little shaky, and so not used to driving automatic.
Definitely no ballet class tomorrow.

music: Prodigy: Everybody is in the place

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car troubles

Hopefully this fills the freak accident quota for a while.

Short version: latch on hood broken, likely in the process
of getting an oil change, but not apparently entirely so.
Except it was, and having the hood smash into windshield
on the causeway is fucking terrifying.

Fortunately for me the causeway is populated with nice cops,
even some sane JPs who passed by to stop traffic for me.

The civic is at my parents house (its legal home) and I have
a borrowed land yacht until claim stuff goes through and
a rental car gets procured.

And I have beer. Hello friendly beer, let's go watch TV.

music: Audioslave: Show me how to live

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March 06, 2007

oh the early 90s

So, I was in the mall a couple days ago in the evening,
jeans shopping, and ducked into the food court for a minute.

One of the catholic school girls was wearing black capri
length leggings under her ugly plaid skirt. The leggings thing,
it's everywhere now, but I cringed because that was me in 1991.
Sixth grade, white blouse, ugly plaid skirt, black capri leggings
with lace edges, white socks and blue "school shoes."

At least it was my last year in catholic school.

music: Tiga: Far from home

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March 02, 2007

and more puppies

Much clearer this time, as they are wet and their curls have
definition. Comet has the green collar and Coco has the red.


I've got nothing to add, really. Staring down a big pile of
work and homework, but I did manage to get to ballet and 2600
tonight. (Perl is so peaceful, there are no types....)

music: Curve: Cherry

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