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June 24, 2007

guns. lots of guns.

The strangest thing I did this weekend has to be carrying
a world war two Russian rifle up into my apartment from
the street, to clean it. Clay bought it when we were at
the gunshow out in Kenner this weekend.

We took it shooting today and I kinda want the carbine
version of it now. I've only shot rifles a tiny bit and
I could hit the plates at the back of the range 100 yards
out pretty easily.

I bought a little "polish makarov" p-64. Tiny little black
thing, somewhat like a PPK, but shoots 9x18 rounds. I need
to keep it and the HK in separate drawers, I think, so that
Germany doesn't invade Poland.

music: Calexico: Roka

candice at June 24, 2007 09:17 PM


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