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August 30, 2007

west end park

shadeless canopies

Parked across the park from the conference this weekend,
and we walked through it to get back to my car. I was
struck by the odd structures, and liked this one that
came out. Took this one of Clay and got him to take one
of me, too. Note the Jackie Clarkson benches in the
background of the shots.

I've never understood the point of putting up stuff like
this that doesn't create shade, or rain shelter, for that
matter. Though the pink and green deco paint is kinda cool.

music: Calexico: Crystal Frontier

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August 29, 2007


It is now year two. I'm hesitant to post today, with
everyone going off all eloquent and considered about
what has and has not been done.

If you are reading this now, you are probably reading this
because you care. Thank you. Because this place, or any
other place, for that matter, will never survive without
ordinary people giving a damn.

music: Cake: I will survive

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August 25, 2007

rising tide 2

sign by varg of the chicory
(sign by the chicory.)

This was cool. I have pictures here and on flickr.

I missed it last year since I was helping sneak my sister
down here from Boston for my mom's birthday that day, but
this was good.

It was plenty of good conversation and speaking. The
keynote was done by Dave Zirin, who is funny and a good
speaker to boot. Clay bought his book and we spent a few
minutes talking to him, and talked to plenty of other folks
of course. Tim Ruppert did an excellent presentation on the
state of the levee system, which as one friend says was
worth the cost of admission.

Maitri has outed me and Clay officially, I thought she knew.
That's from the pre-party where the air conditioning
couldn't keep up with the turnout. We even made the
news, (and I spent my time avoiding the tv cameras.)

This might be a record for me and links in a post.

music: 311: Don't stay home

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August 24, 2007


evil meter maids
I wanted to put a picture on yesterday's post, and couldn't
think of anything I'd taken recently that I could put to it,
though. This, somehow, seems perfect. Hot summer day with
a parking ticket on my windshield.

See some of y'all out and about this weekend, maybe?

music: Faithless: Bring my family back

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August 23, 2007

life on a schedule

So much stuff going on right now. It's also the first week
of school. Politics with a punch was funny as hell this week,
and yes, I will be at Rising Tide over the weekend.

I have pictures and posts in the pipeline, really, maybe
even a little bit about dried snack shrimps. In the meantime,
check twitter at the top of the page or something.

music: Better than Ezra: Breathless

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August 17, 2007


A few days this week I have run across the K-Ville crew
while cutting across Sophie Wright from Magazine to Camp.
They were shooting on the street, and down the block from
them was a regular cop sitting on a generator, watching.

music: The Soft Boys: Song #4

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August 12, 2007

bicycle, bicycle...

I need some black streamers

Picked this up last weekend. Have not ridden it much yet
thanks to the heat; it's been hitting 100 on the actual
temperature this weekend. The 220v A/C I have in my living
room is only managing to cool that room, and none of the
rest of the house.

music: a struggling air conditioner.

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August 09, 2007

my mom is fine

For those of you who I had mentioned this to, as I can't
remember who I've told and haven't; my mom had surgery
yesterday to take out one of her thyroid glands, and the
lump that was in there pushing on her throat came back

I spent yesterday over there keeping thing 1 and thing 2
busy, and mom came home this morning. She's fine, I was
over there again today and she's walking around and can
talk, and sounds better than she did pre-surgery.

The dogs spent half the day when I was over hanging out
on her bed wondering where she was.

giant curly adorable balls of trouble!

Those of you who know my dog and have been knocked over
and climbed on by her will be amused to find that these
two totally double-team me onto the ground. I think I
have scratches on my scalp from the girl trying to climb
on top of my head.

music: Depeche Mode: I feel you

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August 05, 2007

white linen

do you like my hat?

Picked that up to wear out to white linen on Saturday.
The pictures of us both in white have my eyes closed,
so I will not share them here. Along with acres of
white-dressed folks, we saw this guy, and wondered,
can you get a DUI on a Segway?

music: football!

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August 01, 2007

ladies entrance

mmmm cannoli

This image was in the queue back in August of 2005; I never
posted it, obviously, but I walked past this particular spot
tonight, and I always find it funny that they had a separate
entrance for the ladies.

music: Rage Against the Machine: Guerilla Radio

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more pixels

find the recursion

Adding the mac and the thinkpad together with synergy (which
not only shares screens, it shares the clipboard!) that there
is 4120 pixels wide.

Which is good for many reasons, not the least of which is I'm
trying to get a pile of stuff done off my bug lists before
school starts, as I'm taking 9 hours. I get to pretend to be
a real student by taking daytime classes.

music: Massive Attack: Exchange

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