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September 09, 2007

I could buy music

Or I could go outside. That's my view on new music
lately, just so many better things to do. It's like
trying to justify the HDTV I want to watch football
on when Parasol's has 8 tvs, and it's only two blocks
away. I could buy a motorcycle for the cost of a
decent plasma screen...

Trying to get this whole differential equations thing
down without falling into a trap of dyslexic math hell.

Bought a used poweredge 1550 off ebay. It's supposed
to arrive tomorrow. We shall see if it manages to get
here; the sewage and water board started work last week
on making a large dip in my street into an even larger
hole in the name of replacing water mains. It is slated
to replace the current skirt and pull the web serving
back to a server that I can actually physically access.

music: White Stripes: Little Room

candice at September 9, 2007 09:26 PM


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