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September 28, 2007


So. Yesterday I bought a new Blackberry Curve. T-Mobile
variant. Killer feature of the 8320: Wifi -and- they will
let you make calls over it. I can't remember the last time
I bought something within a few days of the model being

I was going to put off a new phone until next year (different
tax year, and my phone wasn't broken) but going to school for
five hours two days a week in the daytime has resulted in me
needing to answer email during the breaks, and thinkpad +
French book + Diff Eq book + 3 folders of notes = too heavy.

Only problem with this? I have a mildly weird mail setup
which means I need to deal with procmail to make a happy
blackberry. Testing my new rules with the overnight mail.

It's so shiny, and I totally see how people get addicted to
these things. It's so responsive and twitch-friendly.

music: Doves: Zither

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September 22, 2007

no rain

so bright outside

Now that the weather is nice and quiet today, and the sky
is getting blue, I think it's safe to post this sign, which
I see all the time and rather like. Here's the whole picture
of it against a little bit of skyline, taken from in front
of the CAC on Camp St.

I love how all street signs in this city seem to be bent
and crooked, even the ones put up recently.

music: REM: Low

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September 20, 2007

french car

they had to bend the license plate to fit

This car floats around uptown, and the first time I saw it,
I couldn't recognize what it was, and it proceeded to drive
me mad. Parked by it at whole foods the other day (go figure)
and took couple of pictures. Here's another of the back, and
a view from the front. Evening sun makes for odd reflections.

It's a citroen ds, with a pallas upgrade. Neat stuff.

(No, I do not know offhand how to make fancy lettering, and I
will not do so for you now. I have french homework I need to do,
and proofs to write.)

music: Prototypes: Who's gonna sing

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September 14, 2007

one mule power

I dunno about you, but I need a picture of a that

Yes, that is a mule parked outside Starbucks on Magazine.
I got stuck behind it about half an hour before I took that,
and sadly it's the best of like, five shots. Oh well.

I was intending to put off posting until I got newskirt up
online, but since we had a little tropical storm yesterday
I didn't get to bring her across the lake to my T1.

K-Ville - Monday 9/18, tivo it if you gotta watch football.

Basement Jaxx: On the train

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September 09, 2007

I could buy music

Or I could go outside. That's my view on new music
lately, just so many better things to do. It's like
trying to justify the HDTV I want to watch football
on when Parasol's has 8 tvs, and it's only two blocks
away. I could buy a motorcycle for the cost of a
decent plasma screen...

Trying to get this whole differential equations thing
down without falling into a trap of dyslexic math hell.

Bought a used poweredge 1550 off ebay. It's supposed
to arrive tomorrow. We shall see if it manages to get
here; the sewage and water board started work last week
on making a large dip in my street into an even larger
hole in the name of replacing water mains. It is slated
to replace the current skirt and pull the web serving
back to a server that I can actually physically access.

music: White Stripes: Little Room

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