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October 30, 2007

no halloween plans

Too tired this year. Went to voodoo all weekend with Clay,
and Rage kicked ass... The crowd reached all the way to the
other end of the city park track to the opposite stage.

Also got to see Black Rebel Motorcycle Club earlier that day,
in rather uncharacteristic bright sunlight. Plenty of other
bands too, and an episode of losing yon blackberry and getting
it back, all that nonsense.

Otherwise, school, working, going to ballet class, working
on the truck. I've been taking more truck pictures than anything
else right now, but that is ok. Mostly we want to get it legal
enough for a brake tag, and safe enough to get to Mandeville to
my dad's compressor so that I can start getting rust off of
some of the tricky parts.

music: Cake: When you sleep

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October 24, 2007

kitchen window

if you look closely you can see a cook

The kitchen at Napoleon House, through a window on Chartres
a few weeks ago on a Saturday afternoon. There's some funny
story about it having been built for Napoleon in exile, but
dying before coming to the new world.

Enjoy this drop of fall while it lasts, I'm trying to get
this summer-designed apartment of mine a little bit warm.
(12-foot ceilings and giant windows and no carpet. Cold.
Love the place though.)

music: Ladytron...

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October 22, 2007

oh look, current in the street

I can post this now that it's quit raining. Finally.

Piles of places had a bit of street flooding today in town,
and mine was no exception. I'd given up on going downtown at
all a few hours earlier, and about 1pm I was on the phone,
and looked out a front window and freaked. "Oh shit. Mom
I think my car might be flooded, let me go out the window onto
the balcony and take a look."

I escaped with a bunch of trash tangled all over my wheels and
on the axle by the muffler, and a little bit of water on the
floor in the passenger side, just by the doors. Not bad at all.
My neighbor in the miata didn't do quite as well, he's got to
dry out quite a bit more. Poor thing sounded awful.

An October day in the late 80s seemed really similar to today,
that one involved walking the last mile or so home with my dad
carrying my sister on his shoulders, and 4th grade me got to
make the long walk still in a school uniform, ugly plaid skirt,
water up to my waist, and wearing flip-flops, because the nuns
had made us leave our school shoes so they wouldn't get ruined.

Found pictures of that, actually, while looking for mustang
pictures a while ago. I still remember how cold it was.

Someone remind me to buy some shrimp boots.

music: Norah Jones: Come away with me

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October 21, 2007

the corvette limo

oh no.  why?

Cocaine and shoulder pads gone horribly, terribly wrong.

I really have nothing else to say about this, the sheer
ugliness speaks for itself. It was in Covington.

music: The National: Murder me Rachael

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October 18, 2007

friendly streetcar!

watch your u-turns

I know, it's just testing now, but still very cool.

I have a slight backlog of pictures, and a total lack of
time to deal with them, but that is fine.

music: Esthero: Heaven sent

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October 16, 2007

engine noise

More pictures of the new project are on my flickr stream and in
this post over on Clay's blog. It is one loud little beastie.
I suspect my picture stream will be full of red, rust, and engines
for quite some time. She was someone's racing project about
ten years ago, and an errand truck for a couple of years after
that. The truck sat for three or four years doing pretty much
nothing up until now, so there's plenty of assorted routine
maintenance before really starting on restoring it.

While I was spending Sunday crawling around under the truck
cursing various bolts and things for having not been turned
in several years, my fake tivo was recording lots of Top Gear.
So tonight, in a dance class and proof-writing theory homework
daze, I got to watch shiny fast things. (Bugatti Veyron on
the VW top-secret test track, for one thing.)

music: lovely noise!

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October 13, 2007


1962 step-side chevy pickup

Say hello to Clay's new project. I found her on craigslist,
and we went and got her yesterday. More pictures to come.

Started work on her today and oh my god the gas tank is in
the cab. This is going to be fun.

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October 07, 2007

the pigeons, they will starve

If I had any resistance in me whatsoever when it comes to
the croissants from La Boulangerie on Magazine, there would
be a picture of some really tasty croissants up here.

We dropped by on Saturday to get some before heading down da
bayou to eat crabs at my grandma's. Mine never last long enough
to even think about getting pictures of them.

They were closed for a week or so, moving up the street to
new space, one with air conditioning, and no pigeons wandering
in off the street to eat the crumbs. Girl behind the counter
a couple of weeks ago remarked that they might starve.

I could food-blog for days, really, but my hands hurt from
programming and taking notes in class. Love the crackberry,
it saves my shoulders from the extra six or seven pounds of
laptop and paperwork.

music: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: The Line

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