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November 26, 2007

after thanksgiving

aluminum tree!

Thanksgiving was good, the weather held up and we got down
the bayou to grandma's on time and had plenty of good food.
(Over the river and through the swamp, to grandmother's
house we go.)

fantastic idea

Did a little bit of local shopping on Magazine on Friday.
I live near all these cute little shops that I never have
time to go into because they are daytime only type places.

playing what, the twilight zone?

That awesome working fifties television is in Sputnik Ranch,
where one can find pink skull cowboy boots. They say they
have sold several pairs of those, despite being $800/pair.

music: Goldfrapp: Twist

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November 18, 2007

gotta have the hat

it just makes the car

Plymouth Fury II. It's pretty chromey, and has nice stripes,
but I love the straw hat on the back dash. Spotted on Magazine
while walking to Rue with Clay (I swear, I live there lately.)

music: Cake: Love you madly

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November 15, 2007


They cut the steel down, piece by piece, with something along
the order of a plasma cutter. I missed getting a picture of
the postmodern piles of twisted metal, though. Here it's just
a pile of bricks in the midday sun.

aside: I love this story on xkcd.

music: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club...

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November 06, 2007

missing building

So I head down Camp Street yesterday morning, and find that
someone has gone and torn this entire building down, apparently
between 8am and noon. Impressive. Not sure who's bought the
site to put stuff on. We can only hope it is not condos.

Took this picture on August 24, 2005, little did I know that
the sign would only last another five days.

music: Red Hot Chili Peppers: Can't Stop

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November 04, 2007

a paint stick

look, no seat

That is the truck's new steering wheel. Which has nothing
to do with paint sticks, other than that I was able to take
this angle of picture because we'd taken the bench seat out
of the cab to get at the gas tank behind it. (Yes, the tank
is in the cab. Still freaked out.)

Once we got it drained out, and found that the problem was
the rubber neck of the tank had dryrotted and had its hose
clamps rust to bits, it rattled. Shook out a small filter,
a couple of little bits, and eventually a paint stick.

How you get a paint stirrer in a gas tank I have no idea.

music: Prototypes: Dis moi

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