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March 30, 2008


How I spent my Sunday afternoon. Primed it afterwards,
and next round is rebuilding that hole.

music: Beth Orton: Paris Train

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March 24, 2008

the happy carnivore

This is one of the coolest cookbooks I have ever run
across. A friend I work with kept talking about it,
experimenting with braises and roasts, so I borrowed
his copy. Got a copy as a birthday present shortly
thereafter from Clay's mom.

Really good descriptions, tables of what to do with all
the different cuts of steak, how to cook a fresh ham,
lamb, veal, the works. I've tried a couple of things
out of it so far, and have a lot of other stuff bookmarked.

The Complete Meat Cookbook. Sample it on google books,
or check out amazon.

music: Slowdive: When the sun hits

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March 20, 2008

post of little things

It is break week, so I have not had to get up early and
drag myself to UNO for Multivariable Calculus and English.
Oh sweet sleep.

J'anita's is very good and we have been eating there a
lot lately. Try the best fish sammich ever, which is made
with redfish and lots of other great stuff. (Bacon!)

The google-maps-on-my-phone-with-location-finding-and-traffic
thing is so completely awesome and is saving me headaches
deciding which way to get home from the end of the Causeway.

Cooking Mama is super-addictive, japanese, and so cute!
It's all Damon's fault for suggesting it over on twitter.

One last thing, why was the Pothole Killer in the local
St. Patrick's parade? Other than that we see him in the Irish
Channel all the time?

music: mario music in my head, it will not leave...

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March 14, 2008

Fiat 128

Now, little fiat convertibles you do still see, but I don't
think I've ever seen a little fiat car like this on our
city streets. It is about as adorable as this mini.

More pictures of the fiat are here.

music: Air Conditioner!
(Oh, and I bought a Dirty Coast air conditioner shirt, too.)

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March 05, 2008

which world are we?

I hear people joke about New Orleans being the third
world down here all the time (they even make t-shirts
about it.) But, from a description like this, it seems
like the second world is more appropriate for us. This
used to be a place where you could live alright on 20k
a year. And hell, even I have an iron fence.

music: silence. tired. sleepy.

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March 02, 2008

how to find out your UPS still works

Thursday morning, I get to sleep in a few hours, thanks
to not having school. My alarm is still set, so I hit
the snooze bar, was like, wait, this isn't working, it's
still making noise, looked at the clock, and it's blank.

Damned UPS sounds just like my alarm clock. Power was out
for over an hour, too. Hello Entergy, how are y'all.

music: "New" Super Mario Bros.

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