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March 20, 2008

post of little things

It is break week, so I have not had to get up early and
drag myself to UNO for Multivariable Calculus and English.
Oh sweet sleep.

J'anita's is very good and we have been eating there a
lot lately. Try the best fish sammich ever, which is made
with redfish and lots of other great stuff. (Bacon!)

The google-maps-on-my-phone-with-location-finding-and-traffic
thing is so completely awesome and is saving me headaches
deciding which way to get home from the end of the Causeway.

Cooking Mama is super-addictive, japanese, and so cute!
It's all Damon's fault for suggesting it over on twitter.

One last thing, why was the Pothole Killer in the local
St. Patrick's parade? Other than that we see him in the Irish
Channel all the time?

music: mario music in my head, it will not leave...

candice at March 20, 2008 10:33 PM


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