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July 28, 2008

starter is still out

That, my friends, is a starter motor, outside of the truck
where it should be. We started replacing the exhaust headers
on the passenger side, because when we fixed the driver's side,
the old ones on the passenger side went out a few weeks later.
Exhaust fumes in the cab are great, let me tell you. (They
almost make up for the lack of a heater.)

We discovered after much cursing that the best way to get
them out involved removing the starter. Not too bad, as
it's held on by two big bolts and two wired bolts, one for
the key, one going to the battery. Took that out and the
exhaust fell down and out just like it was meant to.

Only problem with this is we didn't line the new headers up
on the pipes properly, twice. By that time it was dark and
we hurried to push the truck back into the garage. The next
week, we got the headers on and straight, only to have to push
the thing back in the garage to avoid some nasty summer

My kingdom for an old jeep with a winch.

music: Calexico: Muleta

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July 26, 2008

la france

Peugeot 505s

Angry lion Peugeot grille should have been brought
out for Bastille Day, but alas. This thing parks
on the street, and I'm fairly certain that it moves
every once in a while; the license plates are current
and I see it sometimes on the other side of Magazine.
It's a Peugeot 505s, my guess is 1983-85, mostly
on the odd US market headlights. Maybe diesel.

(Note for my non-US readers, Peugeot hasn't sold
a new car here since the early 90s, Citroen the 70s,
and Renault the Renault Alliance bailout....)

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July 18, 2008



There's a new pull-a-part across the river near boomtown
if anyone needs anything from it. We went in search of
bumpers and assorted stuff. I felt compelled to take
pictures of badging while there. A few cars, too.

Junkyards are both hot as hell and very strange, and the
last time I was in one I was trying to get a computer for
my civic si after some combination of hurricane waters,
sitting for a week, and being stuck under a tree for a
week had removed the car's ability to start regularly.

This was considerably tamer, and with fewer crazy people.

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July 09, 2008

look, a new door

dear god the color

We now have a new passenger door for the truck, one with
substantially less rust (see what it's replacing) and a
very retro color.

This comes courtesy of a guy restoring a 1960 GMC pickup
who has tons of spare parts, this was one of four passenger
doors, and we'll get one of his spare driver's side doors
eventually too.

We did sandblast a little, I handed it over to Clay after
I was dumb and twisted my ankle on the way off a stepstool.
Covered the passenger side roof edge in bondo, sanding to
come this next weekend I hope.

music: assorted Debussy (someone recommend me a collection?)

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July 05, 2008

rust update

Decided to investigate more of the roof rust. Started work
on the passenger side, as the driver's side hole is done.

Found the front edge in good enough shape to sand down, prime
and leave as is.

Unfortunately, both sides on top of the doors are rusted to

Air tools are fun.

Anyway, we primed about four to six inches in from the front
edge of the roof and put her up. Hope to be able to sandblast
those sides this weekend.

music: the soundtrack to the movie Go.

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July 02, 2008

honda beat

Honda Beat!

New Orleans now has one of the coolest tiny cars out
there. Seriously, the Honda Beat is so small that
it makes the del sol look huge and powerful.

Apparently it is owned by a friend of one of Clay's
coworkers and she had a hell of a time registering it.

music: REM: Crush with Eyeliner

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