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August 04, 2008

story car

This car wants me to tell stories. It is a 1968 Ford Falcon
that someone uses as a daily driver. I drive past it every
Monday on the way to ballet class, a fantastically analog
place of shoes and stretching and work.

It has been difficult to catch - every time I drive down that
street on my way somewhere intending to photograph it, it is
gone. In use. I love the contrast red top, and that someone
is using a forty year old economy car - the Ford Falcon was
classified as a compact in the sixties - to get to work and
to the bar. I saw it by the Kingpin once, when it was missing
on the way to ballet.

It is missing a hubcap. I wonder why it is so stock, if it
is a sleeper under the dented white exterior, if the bucket
seats are factory or junkyard. It is interesting, not pretty.
What has it seen? Was it an old lady's Sunday driver until
she died and it was passed along? Or has it passed through
dozens of hands, somehow retaining its colors and wheels.

I caught it on a long day when we put the starter back on
the pickup and drove it into the garage. Ended up on a
detour to avoid slow drivers on Magazine and it was home,
and when we turned to round the block to catch it, we
caught a beautiful old bmw. That one is next. More here.

candice at August 4, 2008 12:18 AM


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