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September 21, 2008

rust chronicles: doors

So, we got a couple of new doors for the truck. This might
replace the very dented and missing edged driver's side door.

If we can get the rust off and smoothed out. After about
a half hour of this I decided to go do something where one
can see progress. Bondo! This is our new passenger door.
Going to use the hardware and glass from the teal door and
work from here.

Clay did the sanding on the holes along the top line and
scuffed it to get ready for paint. We ran out of primer
in the process of painting it and forgot to take a picture.

One of these days I'll figure out the point at which to stop
so as to not run out of blood sugar and get exhausted, too.

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September 18, 2008

two-tone ford pickup

This is a 1966 F-250, as far as I can tell from the wonderful
interwebs. Great badges on this one, and the pretty blue and
white paint. More pictures here. I took these today as I had
part of the afternoon off; I used up all my hours for one of
my customers this month doing Gustav work.

I have thought about painting our truck in a two-toned scheme,
even though it was originally boring old forest green. I think
at the moment the going idea for the truck is flat-black. There
is time to argue about the paint; we have body work and new doors
to deal with first.

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September 05, 2008

we are home!

Just because I haven't posted any car pictures lately,
here's a national guard convoy heading south on I-55 that
we passed on the way home.

Drove home yesterday, mostly uneventful, picked up Clay's
car at my dad's parents house and fixed some more server
stuff. We had power when we got back, and the cable came
on this afternoon.

My mom's parents that live in Mathews, LA-Lafourche Parish
made out alright, no power, just missing shingles and their
shed disappeared. I haven't heard about most of my cousins
yet but a lot of them live in Thibodaux so they should be okay.
Don't know anything about the extended cajun-italian family's
situation yet - pretty much all of them live in Lafourche or
Terrebonne somewhere. Hoping everyone came out ok.

(ps: pictures!)

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September 03, 2008

update - gustav

I have been so busy and stressed that I have not even
been taking pictures. Clay has been doing some blogging
here and there; I have been working whenever I have a
signal on this satellite thing at the old hunting lodge
we are staying in. Satellite internet latency is even
worse than advertised.

Today we went into town where I had been offered an
office by one of the family friends and I worked for
six or seven hours putting our hosting business online
at its backup location; hours of restoring backups and
arguing with domain hosting, but the users are now
able to log in and get work done.

Still in North MS; can't come home unless I can be sure
that all of the business-online work is done. We're going
to stay on colo until they get grid power back at the
house. The T1 there was out Tuesday so dad was running
the business off his iPhone.

We heard today from a friend that passed by our house that
it looked fine, he talked to one of our neighbors and found
out that our block has no power yet.

I am off to go join dear sleeping boyfriend and dog in
bed in this little cabin of ours. Hope to come home soon.

(also. forgot to put twitter info in feed. here.)

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