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October 30, 2008

fiberglass tip

The best way to get the icky resin off of your fingers is to
use nail polish remover. Borrow some from the nearest woman
who actually paints her nails. (Which would not be me.)

This tip brought to you by the ugly hood-cowling banishing
committee. The hood has not been on the truck in over a month
now. It resides on top of the bed somewhere, usually.

Pumpkins aside, I am so not in a halloween mood this year.
Have fun if you are.

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October 26, 2008


Pumpkin, originally uploaded by Noladishu.

Am I officially a grown-up now, having a carved pumpkin out on the balcony?

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October 23, 2008

plymouth fury for obama

I found this 1971 Plymouth Fury III gleefully lowering property
values in the garden district the other day. Geauxbama stuff
is everywhere in this little island we call Uptown.

Bonus points for the partially torn off Nagin re-election sticker.

music: Persephone's Bees: Walk to the moon

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October 17, 2008

1962 Mercury Comet

This is an early successor to the 1960 comet in the last
post, apparently owned by the same guy, as these cars never
seem to be far from each other.

They both move every once in a while, and I'm sure I've seen
them parked in a row before. They both also have completely
awesome fender-ornaments. (Is that what it's called?)

The rear is much more of a Normal 1960s Car Rear End than the
1960. More pictures here. Next up, Plymouth Fury for Obama!.

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October 15, 2008

the 1960 Comet

Pardon me, as I am starting from the rear of this car instead
of from the front. It's just so arresting, this back view.

This car, the Comet, was originally designed by Ford for the
Edsel brand. (I love wikipedia.) A bit of an orphan, it was
based on a stretched Falcon platform and later badged as a Mercury.

Why don't normal cars ship with gunsights on the fenders?
Or proper hood ornaments?

The front grille looks odd, and when you go and look up the
prototype you see a famous Edsel split grille.

More pictures. Her 1962 Mercury Comet sister is next.

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October 09, 2008

hello land yacht

I had to take pictures of this old Ford Fairlane 500, in the
dark, mostly because I have seen three of them this week and
not caught a single one until tonight. I did not get a good
long shot of it because I forgot to reset the focus on the
camera, but I did pick up great factory wheels.

Also, I think that the owner of the orange Fiat Spyder might
have evacuated in it. It has come home now. Evacuating in
an Italian car? Hardcore.

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October 06, 2008

mmm pizza

I am busy. But, today, in between doing homework and other
things, I made mom's family's sicilian pizza. My mom put the
but into me about it a couple of weeks ago, and well, getting
any of it requires making it or bribing a family member.

I suck at food photography. Really should stick to cars.

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