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November 28, 2008

the old gray brick

hello little gray brick

I realized a couple of days ago, as I was using it to test
my homework, (writing an ftp server) that I missed its
10th birthday.

Happy very belated birthday trusty old laptop!

It was my high school graduation present, and not even new,
it was refurbished. The cdrom quit when it was eight, and
other than a dead hard drive, nothing has broken. Ever.
The battery still holds enough of a charge to get it through
a short power outage.

music: The Raconteurs.

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November 23, 2008

meet Patches

We decided today, while masking it up to paint more patches
of bondo, that the truck's name was Patches. It just took
a while to tell us that.

On the cars and trucks front, I have decided to make a
new blog, just about cars, to let me talk about food and
dogs and life more over here. The cars will not go away,
but I'm going to try to do a lot more details on the new
site, more bursty stuff.

Please visit the rust chronicles and tell me what you think.

music: Asobi Seksu.

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November 17, 2008

goodbye ugly cowling, complete

It takes three people to get it back on there, but doesn't
it look nice? The sides and some parts around the nose need
a little more work, but we can reach those while the hood is on.

This "before" picture is from last year when we first got the truck.

music: Calexico: Hot Rail

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November 10, 2008

convertible land yacht

I tend to focus on cars from the sixties lately, for color
ideas and how to make the truck look good (one day), but we
were having lunch after dance class on Saturday and someone
had left this beast out in the shade. I can't pin down the
exact year, but it is a 75 or 76 Cadillac Eldorado convertible.

music: Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Gold Lion

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November 03, 2008


The hood, it is now primed and painted underneath, and has
a bunch of candice-special applied bondo attempting to level
out the aftermath of those cursed holes.

It's still not back on the truck, though.

Also on the progress front, after a bit of a stress-related
hiatus from ballet I have returned to the pointe shoes and
am working my way through the barre in them. Sometimes it
is a matter of being happy that I can do six repetitions
of something even if it is not a full eight.

Also taking a Modern class in Martha Graham style which is
fun and I am finding all these muscles that I forgot I had.
Maybe I will find a flat stomach somewhere in here too.
I do miss the company modern classes back in Rochester.

And finally, speaking of progress, and about the general
lack of McCain enthusiasm I have seen in rich white people
land* in Louisiana, I think there is a chance of an upset.
Perhaps not that big of a chance, but hey. I'm going to
go vote before school in the morning.

*I spend significant quantities of time in Mandeville,
if you must know.

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