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November 03, 2008


The hood, it is now primed and painted underneath, and has
a bunch of candice-special applied bondo attempting to level
out the aftermath of those cursed holes.

It's still not back on the truck, though.

Also on the progress front, after a bit of a stress-related
hiatus from ballet I have returned to the pointe shoes and
am working my way through the barre in them. Sometimes it
is a matter of being happy that I can do six repetitions
of something even if it is not a full eight.

Also taking a Modern class in Martha Graham style which is
fun and I am finding all these muscles that I forgot I had.
Maybe I will find a flat stomach somewhere in here too.
I do miss the company modern classes back in Rochester.

And finally, speaking of progress, and about the general
lack of McCain enthusiasm I have seen in rich white people
land* in Louisiana, I think there is a chance of an upset.
Perhaps not that big of a chance, but hey. I'm going to
go vote before school in the morning.

*I spend significant quantities of time in Mandeville,
if you must know.

candice at November 3, 2008 11:27 PM


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