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December 24, 2008

nice reindeer

Santa flies in, weird magazine street style.

Merry Christmas!

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December 22, 2008

baking madness

This time another batch of sicilian pizza and some little
calzones. I've been feeling like I need to make stuff with
my hands, hence the giant pile of sesame seed cookies the
other day, the oatmeal cookies that have been going on, etc.

And unless I feel like buying extra stuff for my sister and
brother-in-law, I am done with the shopping!

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December 18, 2008

maw-maw cookies


These are quite possibly the world's least photogenic cookies,
but they are also some of the simplest and tastiest. It's an
old family recipe, rarely written down, but I will do so here.

2 cups graham cracker crumbs, 1 10oz can condensed milk, 8oz
of chocolate chips. (Less is fine if you get chicken about them.)

Mix crumbs and condensed milk, then mix in chocolate chips,
spread into greased and floured 9x13 (or so, you can improvise)
pan and bake at 350 for around half an hour or until they are a
little bouncy and starting to brown slightly.

According to everyone my great-grandmother made this up, possibly
during the depression when everyone used condensed milk like mad.

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December 11, 2008


december08 015

So this morning, I get a phone call about 8am from my dad:
"Hey, it might be snowing there in about ten minutes."
"You're joking, right? Snow, here?" "Well, it's been
snowing at our house since 5am." They got 3-4 inches of
snow, some of which actually stuck to the driveway. We
got a bunch of rooftop and tree snow and some snowed over
cars. It did, oddly enough, start snowing about ten
minutes after I got off the phone with my dad.

And somehow or other I had to go up to UNO for a final
just as the weather stopped. That sucked. Done now.

Have some pictures! I even caught a snowy palm tree.

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December 04, 2008


(different, emptier view)

This is the old bowling alley behind Pho Tau Bay in Gretna.
I keep forgetting to ask about what happened to it, whether
it fell silent in the bleak post-oil bust days of the early
1990s or never recovered from the Broussard floods. I went
there for a couple of birthday parties in elementary school.

Skating and Bowling, the two primary not-at-someone's-house
birthday party variants in the 1980s.

I've been staying quiet and burying myself in homework. One
final is 7:30am on Monday, the other is later in the week at
a far more reasonable time. I posted a little bit on the new site
last week when I had content.

Looking forward to the school break to relax and take pictures
of cars while out running errands.

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