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January 30, 2009

truck work

We do still work on the truck. Just not writing about it
here so much. Here's a bunch from mine and clay's sites,
if you have missed the pictures of rust.

not a milk crate
more on the floor
and yet more floor work and we aren't done still
fresh painted rear floor

motor mount
scary temporary replacement for motor mount

new water pump

roof in progress
roof almost done
roof finished for now

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January 18, 2009

sixties land yachts

january08 002

1966 Plymouth Fury III. (More)

january09 041

1967 Pontiac Bonneville Coupe. (More)

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January 11, 2009


slightly frayed toes

This past week I managed an entire class in the shoes. I never
did pointe work as a teenager; I really got seriously into dance
via a few jazz classes in high school. I took ballet classes
sporadically when in company at RIT, but didn't take only ballet
until 2004. I bought the shoes somewhere around Mardi Gras of
last year, but didn't start seriously on them until summer.

And yes, my feet did hurt when I got done. Usually they feel
okay, but there's a big leap from forty minutes to an hour and
a half.

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January 02, 2009

car highlights

the plates are classic cheese

The Morning Call Delorean. I think it was trying to travel to the long-gone site in the french market instead.

Uptown Opel GT. These are the 'big cars' lately, on the new
site I have been posting little phone camera pictures and stuff
from Bring a Trailer...

Here is a little story about my old civic si over here.
It is not riced out and is still running, is the short version.

Hope your hangover was not as bad as mine was. :)

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