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May 24, 2009

new house

susie and the new windows, originally uploaded by candice quates.

We've been moving to a new place this last week - just a few blocks away. Susie likes it so far. I think I may have to go out to suburbia to find ten foot tall shears for that window, though.

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May 12, 2009

excellent vacation

may09 010, originally uploaded by candice quates.

I have returned from this nice jeep-laden beach with a little bit of sunburn, a lot of a tan, a fiance and a diamond ring.

Apologies for not posting here sooner, I spent most of my internet time on my crackberry as the bar across the street's internet was flaky.

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May 03, 2009

mega food post


Going to try this all at once! Above is a roasted ratatouille,
easier than the kind in the pot. Chop some summer vegetables,
season, roast.


I got sucked in and tried to make no-knead bread. Was very
frustrated by the overly-wet dough and ended up having to add
flour to make it behave.


French onion soup - take Julia child's recipe and add a little
influence of Bourdain and get a soup that disappears. Hello
friendly gruyere cheese.


Made some crawfish pies, earlier in the season before I got
tired of crawfish for the year.


And we've been starting to grow herbs. The basil is growing
like a weed, the parsley I wish I'd bought a bigger one and
the thyme looks alright.

All pictures are from Clay since he is the one who likes taking
pictures while cooking. I've also made several deadly strawberry
tarts but they don't look any different than the first one made
a few months back.

I think this is it from the current food posting backlog.
Made a swiss chard gratin yesterday that was lovely, too.

Back to your regularly scheduled silence while I finish the
semester off.

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