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October 28, 2009

the roosevelt hotel

hallway chandelier, originally uploaded by candice quates.

So, we went to go see Spud play the Kingfish the other night.

This is subdued compared to the chandelier in the Blue Room. The whole place is encrusted with deco glitz. Gilded Age stuff ; "Champagne ambition on a beer budget" sort of thing. Everyone in the Sazerac Bar, young people included, wears suits or similar.

And Kingfish was great, but it has since moved to the InterContinental, since they apparently weren't expecting so much demand? It was hilarious. Go see if if you're interested in Huey Long or Louisiana politics in general; it takes a lot of material from the definitive opus on the subject, T. Harry Williams' Huey Long. Tickets/info here.

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