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January 31, 2010

pigs are flying

flying pigs, originally uploaded by candice quates.

The saints are in the superbowl, and Clay is contemplating the tackiest (also largest) dress in my vintage arsenal. He's kinda wiped out from the parades last night so we may miss this event.

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January 21, 2010

stock to keep warm

stock almost done, originally uploaded by candice quates.

Now that it is back in the upper sixties, low seventies in the daytime here, I finally get around to the 2010 new orleans freeze stock experiment.

We were cooking to keep warm. The house was a crisp 50 degrees indoors when it was below freezing out in the daytime. No insulation. The neighbors, who insulated their identical twin house, say it only helps to about 60-65.

This stock, with a nice combination of cow necks and feet, came out so well it is practically an aspic. I made some great onion soup from it which got eaten too quickly to take pictures.

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January 10, 2010

christmas present

hello nabaztag!

I forgot to mention that I got a nabaztag for Christmas. It is a silly little programmable rabbit, which has a hosted API on the one side, (REST, simple) and a hacked madness french developer community with working server projects in case the company that bought the rabbit decides to kill their servers. It moves its ears and talks and blinks colors and gives me weather and news and likes old french techno.

When I was researching the specifications and the assembly language (it has a virtual machine) it was all in French. Technical specifications en francais are hilarious. Very glad I decided to take 4th semester French as an elective last semester to get a better working knowledge of things.

School starts tomorrow and I have not yet written any of the technical stuff I wanted to. Last semester I set up a virtualbox reusable sandboxing system for viruses with a fake network services component that was really nifty. Maybe I will post the presentation soon.

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January 02, 2010

bonjour, 2010

Ten years ago seems like an eternity. The only similarity I can
think of between my life then and now is that I am in school.
Now, though due to the lack of snow among other things, I actually
get good grades. (To sum up my RIT career, it was cold and and I
drank too much.) Oh, and I still dance. So two things.

2005's events left my life split in two, and 2000 seems like an
eternity now. So much so that I barely remember some of it.

To better years! I will not offer a toast because I have spent what
feels like the last week with a hangover and a headache, and got
a stomach virus today. Getting better.

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