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October 24, 2010


potato gnocchi

A brief interlude of potato gnocchi. They were wonderful. They looked so
good I went and got my own camera out to take pictures of them; most food
pictures I post, Clay takes.

potato gnocchi

I think this was all of them; you're supposed to ice them down and put them
in the fridge so that they'll keep for later. I tried to make them a few
weeks ago, and they were okay, but I broke my crappy ricer in the process.
Got a new one with no removable plate and these were perfect. Pillowy.

potato gnocchi

Dressed up in a quick kitchen sink red sauce with olives and mozzarella.
I worked from the recipe in Molto Italiano, but without measuring the
flour; just putting in flour until it got smooth. They're fun to make,
just like sesame seed cookies.

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October 15, 2010

anti-malware software that doesn't suck

It doesn't, as far as I have seen, really exist. What I want is
software that will make me a bad target, one who is difficult to
exploit or embed into in the first place.

I was riffing to a room full of people at our local BarCamp a while
back about malware and viruses, and I found that I couldn't recommend
any anti-virus software. "Just use one. Any of them. And update adobe
everything and microsoft as soon as the real program asks you to."
There really aren't any better practices than that, and I think with
our current path we are still screwed. There's always going to be stuff
that even the behavioral programs don't catch, that still requires a
subscription for the damned signatures, because the bandwidth to host
them is expensive. And if you're a developer-the people who really
need fast computers-the stuff is forever getting in the way.

There has to be a better way. I may just try to make one.

Anti-malware for programmers? With a server version? Any takers?

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October 05, 2010

cotton fields

cotton field

We spent a weekend up in north MS recently visiting Clay's dad.
I never realized cotton harvest time was so incredibly sneezy.
The weather, of course, waited until we got home to cool off.

I suppose it's a case of no news is good news? I have been working
on upgrading my virus/malware runner system with new versions of
inetsim and minibis. And we're expanding the family business which
is good but crazy busy.

No time to take car pictures, sadly. Perhaps I shall be back soon
with pictures of cool food? I made a zucchini soup modeled after
one at La Crepe Nanou sunday that was fabulous, and I made gnocchi,
and there's wedding present food: homemade sausage and fresh pasta.

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