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November 25, 2010

almost holidays

What to do, what to do, it's almost the end of the year
already. Time to clean up the holly bushes so I can put
christmas lights on them. Been working too much, and not
taking very many pictures.

I have been fixing on my little tank. Some details here,
and the current almost-fixed status here. Also trying to
get better en pointe in ballet. So hard. Just got new
shoes again. Maybe this time I have found the right
design of shoe for my feet.

I made the year's first strawberry tart tonight with fresh
local strawberries. So good. This brings me to a point
about food blogs. Yankee food blogs in particular. Our
growing seasons here are several months, sometimes as
much as half a year ahead of much of the country. I find
myself filing everything I see interesting away for later
and not going back to it.

But at least I can make them jealous with one of these!

candice at November 25, 2010 11:55 PM


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