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January 03, 2011

Bonjour la bonne annee!

1800s land transfers

When we were visiting Clay's dad a couple of days after Christmas I found
myself in a Mississippi county that I've heard my mother mention as somewhere
she wanted to look up records; apparently my great-grandmother's father, we
don't have solid information about his parents' names and where they came
from exactly. So I went to the courthouse and looked up land transfers.

the indexes were handwritten as well. ancient capitals are difficult

The lady there told me - there's the index, just write down what you think
you need and start looking. That book was one of the thinner ones - book S
was about 1000 thick ledger pages and 60 pounds. Nearly everything in them
was handwritten in a big looping longhand.

Things are quiet. I am reading books about WWII and rootkits. Just finished
Ambrose's D-Day and am about halfway through Citizen Soldiers. One would
think these two have nothing to do with each other, but Operation Fortitude
was a spectacular feat of deception.

As for the title of this post, I was at my cousin's house on Christmas Eve,
and we were discussing gifts. My grandma and them never did get presents,
but she said on new year's day the kids would run to all the neighbors' houses
and say at the door: "Bonjour la bonne annee!" and the neighbors would give
them a piece of fruit; usually an orange.

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