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February 03, 2011

red roundup

1965 Ford Econoline Pickup


I have been on a bit of a red car and truck streak. Figured I would
bring them all to you people who don't follow the car blog. This '65
Ford Econoline Pickup has a now burned down church in the background.
I took that less than 12 hours before the fire. So weird.


1985 Toyota FJ60 Land Cruiser. This was a holiday car.

1985 mercedes 380sl

1985 Mercedes 380SL. I love my house. Cool stuff just shows up out front.


1984 Datsun/Nissan 300ZX. Also out front. Thanks to sketch for
identifying it for me.

Things are good and quiet. I am making bread, using a slow process
which seems to be doable - if mostly a late night and weekend endeavour.

It is too cold and rainy and awful to take good car pictures; I suspect
most of the city's interesting cars will not start in what is here the
dead of winter.

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