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May 10, 2011

about shoes

the most well-behaved dog on planet earth

Susie decided to slouch next to the pile of shoes and steal the show.

Way back when I was still in the RIT/NTID Dance Company the dog dug into
my bag (which was on the kitchen table, at the back, zipped) and ate the
leather on the soles of my ballet slippers. At the time, I was too broke
to replace them, so I spent the rest of the season using old jazz shoes
for class or dancing barefoot.

Modern dance works fine in bare feet (these days I prefer it) but Rochester
is and was a cold place.

ballet shoes

To be honest I never thought I'd get this far in ballet. And I'm still
not sure how far I want to go; this year has been a struggle of competing
interests and sore feet.

The thing I like about ballet is that it's always there for you when you
get back.

candice at May 10, 2011 11:46 PM


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