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June 19, 2011

through the door

I took the picture straight up and down, but the house is leaning

This has been a very strange week. A life with no bug database is
strange, I ponder setting up my own to be more organized, but do
want to fall into the organizational system trap. Having to convince
part of myself that it's work even if it doesn't relate to billing hours
or fixing something.

The other thing here, is that I dug up a film camera and have been
running around with black and white. There are a bunch of rolls of
somewhat expired film that were with it that I'm trying to use.

Why film? I have begun to want manual controls, and well, DSLR is
expensive, large, and heavy. We had a mid-70s Canon AE1 in the
closet on the mantel in working condition, and it's not very big
at all. I'm liking the feel and sound, and I have enough lenses
already to not have to go shopping for them.

So it goes.

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