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August 21, 2011



Last weekend I turned the bathroom into a printing lab. I am
well enough set up with darkroom supplies that used to belong
to my father-in-law that all I had to buy was chemicals, fresh
paper, and a graduated cylinder to measure in. These sunflowers
were printed on 30+ year old kodak paper, hence the weird edges
and imperfections.

moto guzzi redux

Enlarging is fun, in the mixing chemicals mad scientist sort
of way. Here's our friend the Moto Guzzi again, which was the
most successful print of the batch. Fancy Ilford black and white
paper, once I got it dialed in looks so pretty. We definitely had a
"Great Muppet Caper" moment of needing the bathroom while having
the darkroom set up. All I could think of was that scene with
all the muppets hopping up and down on one leg outside the door....

tulane stadium

This is the first print I made, where the paper is completely
messed up (antique, again) but it looks pretty cool. I found
a strip of negatives Clay's grandfather took of Tulane Stadium
was being torn down. When I print the rest of these I'll put
them up as well. Here's a better but not perfect print of
the same scene.

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