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October 28, 2011

clay and susie and cameras

crazy susie

Aren't they cute? Light leaks are me not being good at loading 120.

Square prints.

Clay found this Yashica-Mat when on a search mission for a spare AE-1,
as the one I was using decided to quit winding. I sent him out for one
camera, and he came back with five. My table, it is full of cameras and
film and related nonsense.

city park lion

One of those was the spare AE-1, so I put new light-blocking foam in it
to have at least one working 35mm. I took it to City Park on a bright
afternoon to check for leaks. Of course the lion disapproves, but he
frowns at everything. My dad is working on the broken AE-1 and it is
getting close to fixed.

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October 02, 2011

film grain


1969 Cadillac Convertible.


1972 Karmann Ghia.

It's October already? So. I took these two pictures on the same
afternoon in late august, on different types of film. The grain
looks all vintage but I like clarity too. I'm leaning toward the
top film, but I'm happier with the framing of the pictures I got
on the second one; I guess it's just getting used to the camera.

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