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June 24, 2012

ballet notes

My badass old ballet teacher, our "fearless leader" as one
dancer says, died of cancer this past spring at the age of 71.

I think that it may be time to just hang the shoes up.

As sad as that makes me to admit, and as much fun as it is,
the way doing pirouettes on pointe is such a rush once you
get the guts to actually try them, I cannot face the
achilles-monster and the knee-monster to put them back on.

In exchange I have gotten jumps.

Last week, on vacation, I took an advanced beginner class
at Alvin Ailey in NY, in the most beautiful studio, with
a view over the city and perfect floors and an accompanist.
Worth the price of admission for the view alone, and it
was an excellent class. A nice, high, split grande jete,
and getting a "please come back", not "go take lower level"
that everyone dreads might be worth it.

candice at June 24, 2012 07:38 PM


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